Introducing Realmchasers, a new discord community focused on quickly and efficiently clearing realms and Glands (beginner friendly 10+stars)


So without further ado I present RealmChasers, our discord dedicated to quickly clearing realms for fame/xp, pots and exclusive rare drops. As well as this we will also be running endgame dungeons, O3s and efficient glands trains on realm close for pots and fame.

The only requirements for the main server are for you to be at least ten stars

There will be further reqs for dungeons once verified to the main section of the server

Realm clearing runs will start in the next few days. We will also be doing HTTs (I will have around 15 to pop) from sunday to monday, as a big welcome to our server, so gather and save your keys and come join our big chains, maybe you will be lucky enough to get an E.Y.E

We’ll have regular giveaways and none-realm specific events such as movie nights drinking nights and the such

We will be recuiting moderator staff and Leaders for dungeons, you will find the appropriate channel in the server on joining.

We look forward to clearing realms with you.


I’m really sorry but what separates this from any other realm clearing dungeon? If you want to make a discord, it has to offer something that the big discords don’t already offer. What makes your discord unique?


realm clearing. No other discord really do realm clearing consistently. Also big Htt raid this weekend i think