Inventory to quick slot, no dragging required


I was watching a youtube video and he did something mindblowing that I found very useful, Here is what he did… When he was using hp pots, there was 1/6 in his hp pot quick slot, so he hovered over the hp pot inside his inv, then he automatically put that inventory hp pot to his quick slot without the need of dragging it over

Timestamps: ’ 3:41 ’ in this link

Timestamp: ( More mindblowing he did it at 0/6 at 3:50 )

Can someone tell me how he did it?


Based on the comments, he said he used hotkeys to do that.


actually moont’s vid was posted dec 10, quickslots were added dec 16.

the previous default behaviour for double-clicking hp/mp pots in your inv/bp was that they would go straight into your quickslot (or consume if quickslot was full). they should really make this the default behaviour again


Double clicked it. If you already have pots in your consumables slot it will join the other hp pots.


However, due to some inexplicable bug that’s currently being looked at, doing this will result in your UI bugging out and not showing tooltips when you hover over items.
You can fix this by dropping an item and picking it back up.

(Note that dragging a consumable to a quickslot with a non-full stack won’t break it; it’s specifically double-clicking on a type of consumable that’s already in your quickslot)


Whenever I double click it even if my thing isn’t full it just consumes it. If I’m at full hp it doesn’t do anything with it. Wish there was a way that even if you weren’t at full hp double clicking would send then back to their storage place


Ah I see double clicking it was was used to work in flash I didn’t realise it was bugged now