Investing in ROTMG?


I’m thinking that Decas and Pixies are good investments since their tradeable versions don’t drop anymore and they have high demand. When I quit last year on my old account, I stored a bunch of decas worth 8.5 life each back then. Now, they are worth around 20 life after I checked realmeye


Do also note that the price of life has fallen significantly since last year; many things are now worth at least double what they were then (to the best of my memory).

If you want to invest, another option is to get T6 Oryxmas reskin ability items, save them, and sell them October-November next year. For short-term investments, you can also store large amounts of whatever stat pot is dropping in a given event (say, mana in OT when that one comes around again) and people are practically handing them out for free, then sell them a few weeks later when the price starts to rebound. It’s a little unpredictable because it’s hard to tell what event is coming next (and you might hang onto the pots for too long and get hit by another event with the same pot drops), but it might work.


I mean if you’re trying to store wealth, sure, decas are one way to go about it, but nowadays any tradeable item you could possibly want only takes a an hour or two of grinding in the current state of the game. If instead you actually are trying to invest in order to make more life/decas etc. then simply playing the game sparingly in the time span needed or literally asking players during runs for items will be much much faster.


Skins are a risky investment but if you control a big enough chunk of the market, you can effectively cange the value of said skin.


I know somebody who controls a large chunk of the huntsman archer skin market


have you considered that duping still exists?

it doesnt matter if valuable items dont drop anymore, rwt sites will have them duped and sold




Check the realmeye offer page


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