"Invincible Priest" setup

  • Robe of the Mad Scientist and Twilight Gemstone: Ability uses 55% less MP.
  • Puri tome (recommended): Most harmful status effects are significantly less dangerous to the player. Also, good heal.
  • Conducting Wand (optional): +4 WIS bonus allows for +30 HP per ability use, if tome has wismod.

The setup above would allow the player to spam the tome at incredible rates. With a decent MP-healing pet, the player may never fear running out of mana. Despite being a robed class, they would be able to tank most shots easily, as it would only take 50 MP to heal an impressive 290 damage. The only real dangers are shotguns and silencing/quieting shots. Other than that, this setup would allow the Priest to tank much more comfortably than even a Knight.


  • Poor investment into DPS.
  • While Puri is arguably better for the player’s survival, a Fungal tome would be better for the group’s survival in most situations.
  • While most harmful status effects would pose virtually no threat (as they can be repeatedly and cheaply remedied), quieting and silencing shots must be avoided at all costs. Without the ability to spam the Puri tome, the Priest is left with very little survivability, and must now dodge bullets like a common plebian.
  • Vulnerable to shotguns (instakill). If the player gets too comfortable tanking shots, they may accidentally get too close to a shotgun and end up being instakilled.


Doesn’t work. The highest decrement takes priority, meaning you only get 30% less MP.
And even if it did work, it wouldn’t add additively, but multiplicatively - i.e. 0.75 x 0.7 x MP cost.

Nonetheless, swapping out the Mad Robe with, say, a Ritual Robe, for the phat +20 wis, would still yield pretty admirable results.
We’d get a total of +34 wisdom if we take the Condu/Puri/Ritual combination, which results in 109 wisdom. Unfortunately for Condu, it doesn’t actually end up mattering in terms of health healed, due to the wismod formula rounding down to a multiple of ten after subtracting 50.
109 - 50 and 105 - 50, when floor-divided by 10, both end up being 5, meaning we end up with 140 + 30 x 5 = 290 HP per heal.

I’m not sure what formula you used, but the bonuses without Ritual Robe only add up to +21 wis, resulting in 96 total wis, rounds down to a multiplier of 4 in the formula.

Nonetheless, 70 MP for 290 HP is a very, very good deal, and having as much wisdom as you do - on top of the ability to still swap out wands at your leisure, and having a decent vit stat of 50 to further lower IC time - lets you regen MP quite quickly as well.


i wonder, would using the new shatters UT robe be a good alternitive to ritual? no wis, but 20 MP a sec is quite a lot, assuming you can keep it nearly indefinitely.

just did some quick calculations, perma energized is better than mad scientist robe in terms of MP saved (for a 100 MP cost ability) unless you are using your ability more than once every 1.25 seconds. Which means you are dodging very poorly, if this is a priest we are talking about.


I would definitely include Prot as part of any invincible Priest setup. It obviously boosts your DEF and so reduces the amount of damage you take. This has another benefit now though, it makes it much harder to put you In Combat. In Combat is particularly bad for Priest, with the lowest base VIT of any class. Being able to heal reliably, and not have to Nexus so often, make you much more invincible and useful to others.

It’s situational. There are times you are put In Combat by any damage you take, and 50% extra DEF from Prot only reduces damage by a little. There are times when status effects other than In Combat are debilitating unless Puri lets you escape them. Take both basically and be prepared for almost every situation.


Thank you for telling me this, I was not aware that the effects didn’t stack, much less multiplicatively. I didn’t actually have any gemstones to test this out with.

As for my wis calculations, it was essentially 4 (wand) + 5 (gemstone) + 7 (scientist robe) +10 (puri tome) = 26. Add this to the unexalted base stat cap of Priest, 75, yields 101 wis points total. 140 (base puri heal) + 150 (wismod bonus with >100 wis) yields 290 HP per heal, as well.

Of course, this setup is irrelevant now that you told me about the effects of the scientist robe and the gemstone not stacking. I assume it would be best, in this case, for the gemstone to be kept, and the scientist robe to be replaced with the ritual robe, as you said.


Hmm. I don’t have access to my computer to test, but it was my understanding that they are intended to stack so someone should definitely test this.


I’m pretty sure niegil said that these items were meant to stack, but maybe they decided to remove it.


Tome in general needs another rework, instead of +30 HP healed for every 10 Wis, it should be +3 HP per Wis, meaning that no Wis will be wasted instead of now.