Ip bug or something


everytime i login and my brother is online he crash and it happens to me too when im online and he is opening the game anyone having the same issue?


Apparently as an anti bot feature deca doesn’t allow more than one client connected from the same ip. It’s pretty dumb and inconsiderate of people like you who live with family that also play.


Can relate with my sister and I. :pensive:
It’s part of the reason she’s taking another break for the time being; it’s definitely not just you


DECA said they’re looking into it in the offical RotMG discord update channel. But like Xaklor said, it’s an anti-bot (or maybe even an anti-multiboxing) measure, which hurts people like you…


Rotmg devs don’t do “critical thinking”. It’s not their job.


Is this still a thing? I logged on at the same time as my brother a few days ago and didn’t have any problems…


They fixed it a couple of weeks ago; two people should be able to log on from the same IP again.