[IrisBot] Discord Verification Bot (and more soon)


Hey everyone!

A couple of day ago I started making my first Discord bot. The original intent was to make a verification bot for my guild, but I like making things expandable, so I hosted it and made it usable for more servers.

What it does:
Right now the bot is mostly for member verification using custom requirements and checking RealmEye for the player’s information. The only other command that isn’t directly for verification is !ppe which gives you a random class suggestion.

Future plans:
I plan to add more soon (this week is my last week of school) and I’d like to hear any suggestions of features/commands I should add from you guys! If you look at the Discord Bots page, I listed a few things I plan to add, but I could always use more.

I’d like to see if it holds up to the use of others and generally wanted to try and help anyone who was in need of a verification bot. I know they often become unsupported after a bit which is why I made this one.

The code is open-source at https://github.com/flanigana/IrisBot so feel free to browse that and mock my code. It’s all in JavaScript using the Discord.js library.

Other than that, I hope you guys get some use out of it, and even not, I’d love to hear some suggestions!

Join this server to ask questions or for specific support

View more information and add it to your server!

Edit: It may not be verified on DiscordBots yet, so if you want to add it directly, use this link:


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