Iron Man Knight Skin WIP


Not everything, but I just want some advice since this is only my 5th sprite.




A few things:

  • Repulsor rays shoot in a beam, meaning it’s not a spray

  • Maybe make the arc reactor brighter?

  • Shading needs some work (add high-contrast shading to the head for a “metallic” theme)

  • RotMG isn’t legally allowed to make a skin called “Iron Man” with that design

I made this to show what I mean, but I’m here to improve your spriting skills, so it’s fine if you don’t use it.



Love you three thousand.


I know that I can’t name it specifically “iron man,” but for now, I’ll just call it that since it’s a WIP.


Now, now. Let’s not spoil anything else. :wink:


Copyright 3000


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