"---" is a hacker using hacks to scam people


https://gyazo.com/9d63be56fe49cb3c5d6e026cc251c4cd Thats the video proof while i was makeing my “merch glory video”

Im not usre how to report him so i need you guys help to do it


wat… ??? I couldn’t see the isnta accept hack…??? What was I supposed to look for?


He deselected pixie and accepted immediately after.


when his trade bar was loading it shows the other players bar accepting. Also not saying its fake but something to keep in mind is when you tab out and back in it reloads your trade bar even if the others is accepted tho i don’t think thats the case here


/tell mreyeball tag scammer Proserver

buuut since he is also using a client i would also report to deca at
Not going to WC as OP is only basic


he is a fucking BATTY BOI


Well, we caught another scammer. However, witch hunting is not allowed on the forums :confused:


Closing. You can tag scammer via MrEyeball, and report hacker direct to Deca: https://www.realmeye.com/forum/t/how-to-contact-deca-games-support/185