Is anyone else very unlucky?


Im playing realm usually for 2-5hrs daily and i literally get no pots/items during this time. Only i get pbag at castle and a few tops in o2. Ive done sprite world like 30 mins ago. There were 2 guys with low tier eq and me as my 8/8 huntress. I got 0. How? I dealt like 75% of the damage. I know its all about rng, but cmon, getting almost nothing everyday isnt game experience i was expecting while playing rotmg,


That’s quite odd. Oryx normally has high drop rates regarding pots.

If you want pots, try to focus on doing Godlands dungeons solo in smaller Realms, since they’re guaranteed that way.


Unmaxed players are more likely to obtain loot over maxed players.


here is how you increase your luck (No joke):

  1. Dab when you get loot
  2. Find lucky people and play WITH them (to “steal” their luck)
  3. Underreact to things, tell god ‘oh, thats fine BUT I want ______ (use even when you get rare whites)’
  4. Play on ppes - the single best advice. It seems like the game gives you better loot on ppes for some reason.
  5. Think about getting those whites! A lot of time, I think, “Hmm… it would be so funny if I get a ______ rn!” and it actually drops!
  6. Take some breaks. Your luck needs time to refill! If you constantly play, then there will be no luck amp, and no good loot. ;(
  7. Halls - the loot there is amazing, and white bags aren’t that rare as long as you got the patience!
  8. Play during events - that’s when 90% of white bags drop - deca events - just wait until christmas, you’ll get amazing amount of white bags.


fcking true.

When you want the white, you’ll never get it

me with my jugg.

whenever i come back, i get lots of whites.

fcking hell. 90 voids in and 1 mbc white and 0 void. I guess it could be worse, but i see people getting one like every 10/20.


tips on being luckier:

-use clovers
-kill things
-kill things, with clovers




You have to be incredibly lucky to get no drops, you’re blessed.


This is strictly incorrect.


i think you might be doing something wrong.

wait so you value pots over WC tops?
i mean, you could just… sell them.

thats what, one sprite world? considering a sprite god drops SWs pretty often, you can just join another one.


Just go solo some shit. Find dungeons, don’t call, enter by yourself, and get loot :smiley: Given that you’re 8/8, you can hopefully solo basic dungeons.


Lies, the truth tells that people who gets all the whites in halls with ‘patience’ are some thots who get double whites on their 3rd void on PPE.


IKR? I hate dealing with a crowded inventory!


That was not my third void, that was my 17th void on that ppe -_-


Double white in 17 voids? Patience indeed…



Try to solo dungeons.


My middle name is unlucky, fam.


You answered it yourself. You dealt 75% of the damage and this is why. Your damage is the highest and RotMG doesn’t give loot who has the highest damage for most of the time. Lower damage, more loot. Trust me or not.

Although still, since you play averagely 3 hours per day, can’t get it. I could get it if you had said “I can’t get good items” instead “can’t get even a pot”. This topic is an exaggeration where you’re actually lying, or extreme bad luck as you said, or rather you’re eternally doing the highest damage.


Are you having problems getting loot with your “garbage 8/8 huntress”. Create a rogue, rush to boss, and then cloak through the entire boss battle /s


Con confirm, second white I ever got I was fighting stone guardians and when some thought is was funny that my luck had been so bad that my lvl 20 PPE knight still had a T0 sword, I said “perhaps the guardians will drop me a better one” and right then the blue guardian died and dropped a white bag