Is it better for bosses to be challenging or fun?


Yeah, that’s another reason to return the WC minions to not having their HP scaled.


I believe some dungeons should be for fun, while others for challenging. It’s usually better to have both combined, though.


I think it needs to be fun for the most part. It defeats the whole purpose of a game if the bosses themselves are not fun/entertaining.

Dance phase does require a good amount of skill which I have seen a lot. I only have done this successfully once because most of the time I am too afraid or don’t have a 6/8 at that time.

if you seen my other post, I think you can understand where I stand on that… sun phase…


But challenging is important for something to be fun. But I do not think a boss needs to be very challenging in order for something to be fun. Basically a challenge should be more optional.

Now should we add another boss to the game? I really don’t think so, I feel like we need something else added in the game. Just adding more bosses in the game is not looking like a healthy solution to keep this game a fresh feel.


challanging is fun for the most part. For example mbc is like REALLY fun but after a lot of grinding it just becomes tedious. But occasionally you get the fun of practicing the dodges


As far as I can tell the Sun phase is static. Chase is the only of the four new phases that are RNG based. Coming from playing a little too many bullet hells, it’s no inherently bad to have one or two patterns that are somewhat RNG based.


Makes me wonder if more dense patterns could be favorable if people could have a little more precision, maybe ‘focus’ hot key if you will.

(I mean it’s kind of why sometimes I would purposefully get hit with ‘slowed bullets’, allowing for more fine movements but it’s kind of apparent why I use that to my advantage)


i can do both the star phase and dance phase, they are both very hard, and quite fun.

my main problem with the star phase is that it’s too much, there isn’t very good safe spots and it’s mostly just a cluster fuck of random wobbling while running around the boss. and still getting hit. not good.

the dance phase is definitely better but i would like it if the enemies flying around went a bit slower so you had more time to get in safely and exit. it’s not hard on a warrior when you have speedy you can go in when you see the gap and then wait a full rotation and leave to get heals. there are some classes with enough range to hit it from outside, either with there ability or weapon like priest. so even then it’s not too bad. it just takes too long to get over with, i think oryx should switch phases automatically after a certain amount of time, because you really only get at max 4 stages.


imo sun phase is the only cancerous one, the rest can be dodged/have a strategy to them.


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