Is it just me or does godland farming feel unrewarding?


I was recently farming godlands to get my white star back (how we used to gather fame), but it became cumbersome, when I noticed my fame wasn’t going up as fast as I wanted, and when I checked, the gods were only giving 100-200 exp
Then, I ended up in a solo LH that dropped from a Sentry, and I was getting ~700 exp per enemy
That triggered some thoughts and gripes, as I’m not regularly doing LH’s (not in any RotMG-related Discords) ><

I think godlands have become monotonous, even more so, if it wasn’t already monotonous before. They’ll drop dungeons I really don’t need to do, but I feel compelled to, because there’s very little to gain from just straight god farming anymore.


And don’t forget they only gib you Attack, Defence + Speed. Which made it unrewarding as well.

Gods IMO, should drop all rainbows based on the dungeon drop.

Things like Sprite God drops Dex and Ghost God dropping Wis.


Tbh glands farming shouldn’t even be as rewarding as an exaltation dungeon, since it’s significantly easier to solo glands than lh.
Probably the only time glands exp would be buffed is if the gods themselves are buffed.


I agree. The mountains is pretty boring and a waste of time. I just go in realm with a specific goal, say to complete a Deadwater Docks. Next thing you know, I’m literally running around the whole biome finding every other enemy EXCEPT for the Corsair Crab. Eventually some person calls it out after like 20 minutes, so I find it easier to sit on the beach and watch some videos.


I think many agree that the Realm needs a rework, since this game is now end-game dungeon focused. I’ve even seen DECA officials comment on that briefly before.


This was a quite deliberate change by DECA. Previously godlands farming was the most efficient way to gain fame. Especially doing it in an organised group, which led to fame trains which spoiled the game for anyone in the same Realm not taking part. Basically the game was not meant to be played that way.

So now you’re better off doing dungeons. Pretty much all of them are more rewarding, the harder ones even more so, mini-bosses and final bosses especially. Godlands are still good for getting pots (3/4 of the main combat ones, with DEX from Sprite Worlds which are common and quick to run), eggs and starter gear, while you wait for events, for Oryx, or for a particular dungeon to drop.