Is it possible to retrieve an item that I got but wasn't able to pick up cause Disconnected?


So earlier today I decided to hop on to USS and try to get into an Ice tomb. I got into one, did the alien chest and the first ice tomb I did i got a frimara and straight after that I disconnected, I have proof that it actually dropped but does anyone know if its worth for me to try and get it back?


If you have video footage of you getting the drop and disconnecting, upload it to Youtube then email Deca Support with a link to the video, explaining the unfair circumstance of disconnecting and that you deserve the item. Best to also attach the video file with your ticket as well.

However, if your only proof is your own word or a screenshot, Deca likely will not get it back for you as those are not solid evidences. Best of luck getting the item back, and congrats when you do~


No, I’m pretty sure Deca support wouldn’t do that.


If you have solid evidence, then you could try sending them a support ticket. Thing is, Frimaras are pretty common in my point of view (mostly since I got one on my first chain).


Oh, I DCed from a quiver :frowning: rip


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