Is it worth investing in this game?


I want to buy the Beginner Pack (the $20 USD one), yet I don’t have a job of my own. Is it really worth spending money on this game? Do vault and character slots really enhance the experience so much?

Thanks in advance.


I’d wait until you reach atleast dark blue star before you decide to spend any money on this game. Though I would say the beginners pack is the one thing that is worth spending money on if you do. But you can still get vaults and characters from the login calendar from time to time so it isn’t necessary.


Character slots and vault chests do, in my opinion. The beginner pack a good value for what you get. As for not having a job, it depends on how much money you have and how much you like the game so far. I wouldn’t spend $20 if you had to pay for gas and had little spare cash, but if you’ve got a little money saved up and enjoy the game the beginner pack is a great choice.


Beginner pack is really good but just know this.

If you invest on this game you will stuck on this LOOP of investment in this game forever

And you’re feeding money hungry parasite name DECA
( I’m not saying DECA suck , I’m saying that DECA is a bit better than KABAM which is the worst game company ever )


This will will depend on how much you play this this game if you are enjoying the game i recommend to give a couple of months before you buy any currency i was you i would wait for special deals on realm e.g ample pack don’t spend on mystery boxes because it a gamble and waste


Beginner’s pack is the best deal, so do that if you want to spend money. Char slots and vault chests are insanely helpful. But also, as others have said, don’t throw money until you know you want to keep playing. The beginners pack is no longer limited time, so you can wait until you really feel that it’s worth it.


I solidly disagree with that statement- I spent $78 on this game and have decided to quit.

Realm is addicting, sure, but you can quit if you put your mind to it.


Character slots allow you to be more versatile to swap to a good char suitable for whatever you are doing.
(Eg. you could have a melee and a long range, and select whichever is best for what you plan to go and fight)

Vaults main purpose is you can keep rare items in readiness for when you need them.

But I would suggest wait until you feel that you need another character slot or vault. Don’t do it just because you think it might make the game more enjoyable, do it because you’re enjoying the game and want to get even more out of it.

Yes, if you do spend money, start with the Beginner Pack and there is no time pressure on it, so you can buy it whenever.


If you miss your chance with the beginner pack, you can always wait for an ample pack to come out. They allow you to save money on chests and char slots by buying in bulk, kinda like at a store.


Well if it’s the beginner pack you can buy it anytime because it’s a really good deal.

If you wanna buy like keys, backpacks, etc, I would wait till Dark Blue, Red Star because you would have more experience then


no it is not worth it since you will probably get banned and u dont have a job to afford that


u cant miss out on beginner pack anymore, they made it stay around untill you buy it, instead of it only being there for a week


and dont say “why would i get banned”… you telling me ur rank 9, 3 month old acc, war with over 2k fame, 40 deaths , not one death has even close to a maxed stat or even old tops in fact… either your an alt (if you where an alt you would most likely know the question your asking) or you use some sort of assistance via hacked client ect

but thats my just my educated guess


I didn’t know that. I thought that after it was gone it was gone for good. When I first started the game I missed out on the starter pack but now I might get it. Thanks for the heads up.


Can I pose my argument for how they are MUCH better than Kabam?


Use some sort of assistance I think is very possible.

Hacked client? Not necessarily.

The stats and the characters… well, he could just have very good friends. I feed my friends (that need it) and get fed by my other friends (that are too good at this game for me)

The 2300 fame is a bit sketchy though… usually newer players have a hard time keeping characters alive.
That being said, innocent until proven guilty.


He could’ve found the fame train/done LH’es.

All you have to do for the LH is follow RL’s orders (Only applicable for PLH’s)


tbh I still doubt it’s a legit account
the intervals his fame is gained at doesn’t look like it’s from LHs


I have not analyzed his rate of fame gain, so…


Or this game has just become 5x easier in the last few years.