Is maxing your third ability worth it before fusing to divine?


I’m not sure if I quite understand how exactly fusing to divine works. I currently have a 90/90/87 heal/mheal/decoy pet that I’d like to turn into a divine. I also have another legendary pet that is much lower level and needs to be maxed still to at least 90/90. I was wondering if it’s even worth maxing my decoy ability or not on my first pet. Should I just forget about that and work on my other legendary that I plan to fuse with?

If I were to fuse before maxing third ability on both pets, would that third ability be restricted to a lower max level than the other two abilities? Would I still be able to reach 100/100/100 without maxing the third ability before fusing to divine?

I haven’t really had to worry about this until now because for the longest time I was so far away from ever thinking about fusing to divine, but I’m slowly getting closer to that point and now it’s a real concern. Hopefully someone can clear up my questions.



Yes. It is possible to have 100/100/100 with 2 90/x/x.


Mmh… maybe I’m misunderstanding, but based on what I’m gathering, here’s the best answer I’ve got:

When you’re fusing pets, they take the average of the two pets’ abilities for each of the three categories. You have a higher max level cap, but you will potentially have more ground to cover, simultaneously costing more fame. If you like the first 2 abilities of your pet, definitely make sure those are both maxed, at least, as it sounds like you are doing.
The real question is, how much do you actually care about having decoy? If it’s a low priority, then I wouldn’t worry about maxing them, unless you plan on getting a 100/100/100 pet relatively painlessly. It’s a matter of preference with with time/convenience trade-off.

I hope that answered what you were intending to ask. :3


So what I gathered is that a 100/100/100 will be possible if I were to fuse my 90/90/87 with, say, a 90/90/84 pet? It would just take longer to get that last ability to 100 since feeding costs more for divine? I just want to make sure I’m not capping my pet level on accident for that third ability.

I previously messed up a legendary pet by fusing too early and it maxed out at level 84 for the first ability. I just don’t wanna screw something up.


Ah, no, my apologies. You made me hesitate. I checked the wiki, and the page describing all things pets has updated. It now more thoroughly describes the process, offering more details. No, you’re going to want to max them both to be a 100/100/100, it looks like. I’m maxing my pets anyway, so it wasn’t a worry for me until now, but yeah, feed ‘me ‘till they burst! XD


This game has come a long way since I first started… and I’m not even a true OG. I’m grateful for the evolution! :smiley:


As long as it said “MAXED” then fuse it!


For the best information, check the specific wiki pages on “pets” and “fusing.” There you will find everything!


To fuse to a 100/100/100 divine, you only need two pets with 90/##/##. As long as the first stat is maxed on both, you’re fine.


Thank you! This is exactly the information I needed. Appreciate it.


This is true but it will be very expensive famewise to max the second and third stat, especially if you dont max them before fusing. I made that mistake, and my abilities are in a bad order so I’m struggling to get enough fame to feed my pet. I highly recommend maxing at least your first pet’s heal and mheal, as 1) you will be using it for a while before you max your second legendary and 2) it will decrease the amount of fame it will take you to max the stat once you fuse


Fusing a 90/90/X with a 90/90/X is Fame efficient (this is the recommended choice). Fusing a 90/X/X with a 90/X/X is FP efficient.


To further elaborate on Gamma’s point:
Keep in mind that any feed power currently entering your pet’s third ability could have been going towards its first ability, had it been a Divine. Additionally, the only reason a Divine commonly requires more FP to max is due to the higher levels costing more: to get from lvl 87 to 90 on a Legendary costs an equal amount of FP as on a Divine, but there’s a notable fame cost increase for the latter.

All in all, you really needn’t max your third ability before fusing. As for whether to max your 2nd pet’s second ability, that may be worth it considering that it’ll otherwise get lowered to the average of (90 + 2nd pet’s 2nd ability’s level) / 2.


Exactly what I was talking about, thank you!


As a F2P and P2W, I would want FP efficient because the FP choices are very limited (despite of login calendar).

For me to feed a Divine (I said it and I will say it again), I feed any items that have at least 1,000 FPs such as Bloodshed Ring, Magical Lodestone, Ogmur…

Basically, 1:1 FP to fame cost ratio when hitting to Divine.


I highly encourage you to be fame efficient then. I made the mistake to fuse early and the cost to feed a divine is devastating. If you value your FP to fame ratio 1:1, it is actually more reasonable to fully or semi fully max your legendary pets with ~500fp items(which will solve your limited fp options problem), then fuse for divine.


I HIGHLY recommend you (and everyone else) read this:


Ah, so WC incs. No problem. But my belief of feeding threshold for Legendary is 700 (can be 650) to 999 FP.


Point is, unless you are straight up buying all of your fp items with gold, being fame efficient is also fp efficient.


It doesnt include divines

Though I guess you could do the same calculation for divines