Is maxing your third ability worth it before fusing to divine?


I mean, if you are absolute F2P, then FP efficient is better than Fame efficient.


Legendary to Divine I imagine would be very similar to Uncommon to Rare


Honestly, as an opinion from an anti-pay-to-win player, I’ve gone down the route of maxing out a pet before fusion. I’m currently partway done with my legendary, and have no regrets from waiting to fuse my uncommon and rare pets maxed. Fame it’s worth its weight in gold to me.

(I wish I had electric as an ability, Heal, Magic Heal, and Rising Fury will have to do until I find a better option. Still a half decent find for obtaining all my eggs randomly in the wild with an awesome rare canine find in possession that setup?)


I too use 700 FP as a minimum for Legendary because being 2x the cost of 350 fame per feed seems a neat fit. But not 650 for me! So Rip Manor robe (old FP was 650, haven’t learned the new FP values yet).


450 now, from now on all I’ll probably feed will be pet food ;-;


By what FP threshold as a mininum if feeding a Divine to you? Because mines is 1,000 or above.


I would say same. I don’t have a divine yet, but I’m already mostly using the calendar freebees as it is, but if an find a drop I don’t want, that would be about the cutoff. Though those hardly exist.


I don’t have a Divine pet, so I’m monitoring this thread since I’m in the same situation deciding at what point to fuse (if I do). But 1000 does sound reasonable.