Is realm becoming stale?


This has been on my mind for quite a while now, especially with the constant chest events and the seasonal events feeling way too similar. But what do you guys think?

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What are you talking about? Realm was always stale.

Stale and full of bratty kids whose vocabulary consists almost entirely of profanity and live to put others down. Why? Because they think they’re anonymous in the internet, behind a stupid ass username, usually one that is inappropriate.

You think this is funny? Watching 90% of the player base telling others to ‘Kill yourself’ and act like greedy vultures, telling people who own keys ‘Pop you [profanity]! No one is going to give you anything you [profanity]!’ Its absolutely disgusting if you ask me, watching kids go about yelling at people to use THEIR property in a way others want rather than getting their own, or at the very least being appreciative of others who spend their hard earned money for their enjoyment. I mean come on! The least you can do is show appreciation for those who are making your time in the game more enjoyable!


I’ll have to disagree with that if we’re talking about gameplay. Mainly because realm seems to be the only one of its kind, other than this pile of shit and Survived By. I don’t know any other game that’s an MMO RPG Bullet Hell shooter. Realm has some redeeming qualities like its economy (when it’s not a bloated slug) and freestyle form of dungeoneering and key poppings.


Well then, looks like Survived by is dead, heres the post by the devs regarding it.
A Message To Our Players

Rip in pepperonis in pizza roni

But Hey, Atleast we Have Bitferno and realm right?



Just because I don’t find the gameplay fun or exciting doesn’t mean everyone feels that way.


Off the rail in one post, GG

@topic, yes, yes it is.


The simple fact that your reward fully depends on luck and nothing related your participation nor skill already means there would be the two extreme sides, one with good luck and one with nothing.

The unlucky one won’t enjoy the gameplay.


The grind simply becomes boring or a chore at some point.

At the same time, white bags and other loot feel less rewarding to obtain.


But why don’t you find the gameplay fun? Because I can tell you exactly why I don’t find it that fun anymore.

  • It’s repetitive to the point of contempt, There aren’t many unique MAIN dungeons so that also feeds into the boredom aspect.

  • Every class feels the god damn same, just with different abilities that do things.

  • it gets boring maxing characters after the 7th one and is generally not rewarding.

  • End Game Bosses are now massive bullet sponges that have 10 different debuff shots that murder you in 2-4 hits, on top of that, the only way to effectively do endgame content is to form massive zerg groups, ultimately defeating the point of doing content by yourself, with small groups, or with a guild.

  • No real way to buy mystery boxes with fame, which is a meh point, but is still annoying.

  • Pets are stupid little shits that are only good when they have HP heal MP heal and electric.

  • No skill system in a RPG GAME, like seriously what the fuck.

  • No real sense of progression after hitting 6/8, once you’re there, that’s all the growth your character will do stat wise.

  • Bots have infested the nexus and are recently becoming more of a nuisance than they already were years ago.

  • The servers are shit and make me want to die. (also quick note, I’ve been crashing a lot more since Deca took over, not sure if this is a coincidence or not.)

  • The 500+ dungeon events have ruined the economy, ruined player balancing, and exhausted me of any patience I have for them in the future.

  • Seasonal events are now just grind fests that eat up your inventory space and give you utter poopoo in exchange (other than the reskin UTs XDXDXDXDD).

  • This game is way too RNG based and makes for a toxic environment because of it.

  • The economy is a pointless slock of ethereal piss now because of how much items have lost their value and are way too common now.

  • Actual valuable stuff is now soulbound, which hurts the economy even more.

  • “Questing” is annoying and also eats up your inventory/vault space (marks SHOULD be stackable after all this time, but I guess not since reasons lol).

  • Grinding for fame feels pointless since why do that when you can shove dollars down Deca’s pants and buy whatever you wanted faster, oh yeah and because of the fact there isn’t anything to spend fame on.
    (I know Deca is reworking it but I’m talking about it’s current state, not the future).

  • There isn’t anything to do in this game besides grind for items endlessly, no questlines, mini-games, activities, social aspect, nothing.

  • There doesn’t feel like there’s any point to grinding or doing end game dungeons (atleast for me).

  • This game feels so empty because of the lack of social aspect and friendly NPCS to interact with.

  • Last but not least, I just don’t find it rewarding anymore. I only got white star because it was the only thing I aspired to do because there isn’t any other goal to accomplish, and even then I hated it when it came down to the last 2 stars.

TL:DR Overall, I’m simply not happy because there isn’t enough diverse content, it doesn’t reward cooperative play, has no real goals to strive for, and is boring as all hell. This stuff adds up over the years, and is not good for the long term lifespan of realm.

Sorry for the wall of text above lol, just wanted to provide an example xd, should be easier to read now.


I’ll add my own opinion about the topic under this reply, cuz I want to have a say on this

While this may be off-topic, I actually want to agree with how unfortunately true this is. Quite a good portion of this community has resorted to extreme pride and putting others down. You could get your first white star, and get called a no-life grinder or “another shitty white star”. Get a rare shatters or LH white, and people will just say “lol that’s garbage” or “that’s so common kek”. And the aforementioned example above, where you spend money to host keys for people, and you have all these rude jerks on top of you harassing you over your key.

That’s why I love being on Realmeye. Not saying that there’s absolutely 0 toxic people here, but there’s a lot more favourable community members here than on the game, Discord, or Reddit. I feel welcomed to post art pieces, loots, oofs without having a bunch of people start dissing over you, and I hope it stays that way
As for whether Realm is stale, it definitely starts to feel that way once you’re an 8/8. What’s your goal after 8/8? Perhaps get 2k bf for 5/5 class quests completed, or maybe hunt for whites. Regardless of which, it’s just an open sandbox for you at that point where you assign your own goals.

The only reason it hasn’t gotten stale for me is because I’ve spent my time hunting down various white bags and STs I have yet to collect. I do labs for a sorc ST, Paras for its whites, Wlab for the skin and waki, thicket for its whites. The point is, I don’t just have one objective, but numerous objectives to accomplish that are diverse enough so that it doesn’t feel too grindy.

Maybe that’s a tip that could apply to certain people: Make a good list of items you want to get, and hunt for them when you have the time. Don’t try to focus all your energy into one dungeon, or you’ll definitely taste the staleness. Just go with the flow and diversify your gameplay as much as possible. Probably very ideal for avid collectors like myself, but perhaps those who have never gotten into collecting can try this out~


TBH the amount of toxicity I’ve experienced seems a lot lower than what one would imagine from what the community says. Maybe it’s just me personally but that’s what I think.


Uh dude you were upset when I unleashed a barrage of complaints about Halls.

This is a terrible idea. It took me two months and thousands of udls to get that stupid staff. I’d throw my computer out the window to lose it in a Halls.

So guess what? It just sits and does easy stuff. Because screw deca’s st drop rates.


That’s why you have numerous objectives, so it doesn’t feel like you did 1000 udls. It gives you more chances of completing at least one objective, which hopefully motivates you to continue collecting.

I mean, I’ve probably done over a hundred thickets by myself, but the experience hasn’t gotten stale because I do other things as well, like closing a realm for a ghost ship or lotll, or running an occasional Mwoods for that orb. No doubt if I was forced to farm only one dungeon and nothing else, like LH 24/7, I’d be burnt out and we wouldn’t be having this conversation, which is why it’s important to do different activities rather than pour your time into one objective.


Not for me.


I agree.


You guys play this game too much. If its feeling stale then just stop playing. I’ve been playing this game for 5+ years and still enjoy it alot because I just stop playing when it starts getting boring and come back later.


happy to know i am not the only person with literally awful luck for edictum (STILL haven’t gotten it.)


I got the Edictum when I randomly did a udl, I got 3 doom bows first, I’ve predicted that orang bags are rarer than whites.


Took me about a year to get the hang of things, how dungeons work, their shot patterns and pretty much everything else. So yeah, it’s harder now for me to die and that becomes boring. I see no challenge it’s repetitive. Realm is very stale.


So what do you do in realm now?


sigh events.