Is realm becoming stale?


And with bots being raised to higher than 10 which was obviously going to happen to circumvent the filter, even those who set it to the max aren’t spam-free. I really regret their choice to bring this in and allow it so high as 10 (which for a new player could span weeks), though a lot of filter users do set it only to 3 or so, it’s still a very elitist concept with collateral damage (as you have experienced) worsening the game for new players vs in the past.

It would’ve been much better done had the starfilter only applied to PMs, IMO.




My experience has been similar. I even had people shutting up someone who was asking for sex!
I ignore all bots, and racists and very profane people. I take mild toxicity as a sign of the natural immaturity of a community mostly made of children. In general I like my server and try to be positive in my interactions with other players. It’s not too bad.


It’s fine the same happened to me until I got the dark blue star, try ice caves they are easiest 5 grave dungeon and it gives great loot👦🏻


I do long for that again, even if it was frustrating. At least at the point in my time playing realm, it was challenging and hard, people had t cooperate and I rarely saw people solo-ing bosses.

Yeah, it definitely can be very intimidating at first, which was the problem when I was new as well. Kinda ironic how I completely forgot about new players and their struggles with all this mumbo jumbo (as someone who wants more new players to play realm and stick with it…).

That’s true!

(Also, I still don’t understand what the graves mean RIP)


They mean the difficulty


If you want the game to be difficult (even with basic enemies) again, get rid of your pet. That’s literally all it takes to skyrocket the game’s difficulty, especially with dungeons now designed around pets.

Player Events

solo them without pet


I do the same, more or less, but don’t find it stale. My regular days are relaxing and I enjoy farming godlands and dungeons and occasionally chatting with the other players.

I am a slow learner and I haven’t put a lot of effort in getting better, so many things are still new to me after a year and a half of daily play.

I’ve also decided that yellow star + purple name looks bad, so I’m trying to improve at the classes I can’t play… this is not going well for now.

On the weekends, I’ll play events if there’s something interesting, but mostly there isn’t so I go out and do other things.


so it seems to be that if you have friends to play with then it isn’t stale


this is why i manually set my star filter to 0 or 1, back from the default of 2. i like new players (side note: i love collecting eggs from glands in my inventory and giving them out to people who i see don’t have a pet yet) :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Darza’s Dominion lol, so there’s that.


darza’s is, confirmed by the developers, heavily inspired by rotmg. they even said that when realm comes to mobile that they will pull the plug on darza’s



uh huh, “inspired”

oh, so it’s basically on life support right now? gr8.

(I can see why my thread was closed now :frowning: )


But more on topic now, I sincerely hope after the Unity Port that Deca adds in more things to do that aren’t grindy garbage or pay to participate “”(((Campaigns)))"", because those aren’t fun at all.


What exactly would like to see? An individual can complain about something all day, but what use is it if they have no better solution.


I would just like to see more diverse content, such as actual diversity of quests. Right now they’re just the same thing, except you have to collect a different mark/token.

Possible variations I would suggest would be say killing a specific boss, killing a certain amount of enemies, exploring dungeons, participating in dungeons, social activities (like idk using heartcicles or milk with players around or something), do a fixed amount of damage/ heal and maybe expanding upon the quest system with friendly NPCs like The Sorcerer’s Tower has.

It’s still grindy garbage, but it’s a wide variety of grindy garbage that won’t make you bored out of your mind since you won’t always get the same thing all the time.

For the Campaigns, it simply comes down to what you can do to participate in them. The Unity campaign is a good example of this. Sure it was a slog to do without spending money, but its the fact that it gave you an option to do so. Future campaigns could have a unique un-locking quest that gives you an item that allows you to join and participate in the campaign for free, which would unlock daily and once per account quests that give you the diamond things.

I’m not saying they can’t make money out of the campaigns however, I just think Deca should have more options when it comes to how you want to get campaign diamonds, whether that’s with money or otherwise.

That’s about it though, and if I missed anything or was incorrect on some stuff please point it out, because I rather have productive discourse and suggestions than be this:


Is it just me lately, or does realm not feel the same anymore? It’s becoming the same and repetitive grind over and over again. Hunt down a white bag until you get it, repeat. I feel the boss fights are too predictable, too easy once you get the hang of them. I feel this game really needs something unique, something changing. Something random and completely unpredictable. Something where when you seem to get the hang of it, it changes and you progress, and you have to learn new things. Not just the feel of grind over and over again, that exhausting and so unrewarding experience, but a tense fight where death is imminent, something where you don’t know what’s going to happen, something you’ve never done before. The question is what? What is going to bring back old players, what will intrigue new players to stick around and find out? Deca seriously needs to get their shit together on this one or this game will die. And forever this time.

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Honestly they need to take ideas from Pservers, they’ve been becoming progressively more fun that prod for a while now, to the point that I’ve personally basically quit prod, as I don’t have fun on it anymore.

Why do so many people think Deca taking ideas from pservers is such a bad thing? I’ve seen quite a few people say that it would be a bad thing for the game.


I’ve seen you in a certain *cough cough pserver