Is realm becoming stale?


The point is that, when I’m not doing LH, I play on EUSW, and in last three days I might have seen like what, 3 blue stars?

Maybe it was just coincidence, I hope.


I get what you mean but since I came back to realm like month and a half ago I’ve seen many more whites/yellows than ever before. There is still a good amount of lower stars of whom some are 8/8 tops/UTs but I didn’t notice too many myself.


I really would love new players to come to this game. It’s so important to meet newcomers…


Never did halls and any clean tombs because my mom doesn’t let me have discord.
In addition i can’t even watch youtube. But i love her and i don’t want to contradicate her, so i just watch youtube while clearing my history after.


I don’t like discord either. But that’s another topic, haha, specially with the new possibilities that can be made by Deca when unity port arrives, reducing the necessity of using discord.


Stats show that realm is dying, older players are leaving and the game is just not beginner friendly. If you were new to this game, playing it for a while, dying and losing everything would obviously put you off. People are branching out to other games because of Deca’s sheer laziness, a large pserver has almost finished their unity port when they started fairly recently, while Deca has been advertising and talking about theirs for months now. The game is going to die out, and the only time where people are returning is during events like MOTMG.


Sadly true


Pservers are porting to unity now? wtf.


Don’t confuse existing players tiring of a game and quitting, with a game dying. So long as there are new players to replace the old, a game can continue.

Realm’s first concern should always be keeping the game fundamentally addictive (via the gameplay), to ensure players do stay. Seeing lower % of blue stars isn’t necessarily bad, it could show the game is enticing more players to remain & rank up, but it could be a signpost of ill health as well.


This guy knows what’s up

I feel like so many of those systems could work really well on prod and overall be more balanced.

Not to mention the fullscreen usage that certain unspeakable thing allows, I personally feel like the game runs much, much smoother and looks better when you can play using fullscreen, trying to come back to prod after that is a challenge due to how small and squished together everything looks and feels, prod feels like a worse experience overall, atleast in my opinion.


I know what pserver thatyour talking about


Fun fact drazas actually used the ice dragon sprite first.

When Deca originally put it in the game they were unaware that it was in drazas but it’s from the rotmg draw site so it is decas property.


My idea was to make the map bigger and add new content to it, so that getting to oryx will also take longer as it should be some ‘final boss’ in some sense, as stated in the game’s name. And the difference would be getting certain objectives to advance in the map. Not sure how that would exactly work out though.


If you know about a pserver that’s currently still funtional you most likely know exactly what I’m talking about

Still not able to name drop.

More (realm) events would be a good addition to the game imo, and making them spawn more frequently would also be a good change, as that could help fix the bullshit drop rates at which event whites drop.

I don’t think Oryx should be thought of as a final boss in any way, he’s a king, a god of the realm, that doesn’t and shouldn’t make him the most powerful being in the game, especially if they finally decide to add a harder variant of the realm, which would be an amazing addition to the game and help it last much longer.

I honestly don’t think Deca will ever add something that removes the heavy use of Discord by the realm community, or compare to the utility that it provides, Discord will probably always be the go-to for raids.


Yes, I second this.




Yes. This game is extremely easy lol. If DECA is able to get this Unity thing going and maybe start an add campaign we’ll see a lot more lower level players.


I most definitely don’t want an ad campaign.


Honest answer yes


Give me my yellow star back.