Is realm becoming stale?


This is why I harp on about how new classes have the potential to reinvigorate things.
A well-designed new ability mechanic give players the entire existing game content to revisit with their new item.

In retrospect Sheath would’ve been the far more interesting choice over Waki, (and I hope for it on the 16th class). Had we got that, it would’ve meant a new thing to learn at every boss, instead we have samurai being basically another vanilla “shoot your weapon and press space you do a bit of dmg” class.

Yeah, this gamestyle only is enjoyable if you like the dungeon you’re grinding. If your desired item is in a dungeon you dislike, Rip enjoyment.


Realm is not dying. How do I know? As DECA are investing heavily in porting it to Unity, something they would not be doing if the game were dying. They might not announce it but the oncoming demise of Flash would be an ideal time to retire the game quietly, if it were not doing well. But the Unity port is pretty compelling evidence that the game has a future well beyond 2020.

All that’s happening is that you are getting tiered of the game. That’s fine and normal. I have spend thousands of pounds on games for PC and console over the years, the vast majority of which I no longer play. I just got to a point where I lost interest in them, even games like ROTMG with no formal ending, which you could keep playing forever.

If the game no longer appeals to you then stop playing. Maybe you will find other games that interest you. Maybe you will lose interest in games. Maybe you will return in a couple of years, to see what has been added and changed. I’m pretty sure the game will still be here if you do.


About this. I feel this actually has a small loophole to it. That is, you can have random bullets, or “seemingly” random bullets, but if you make them move fairly slowly, they still become dodgeable- even when the bullet stream is quite dense. The limits of this are to do with how large a player’s hitbox is.
(where is the hitbox, exactly anyway?)


So boring. I like the idea of friendly npcs and a group arena would be fun. They need to make a entirely new place. Not a dungeon, but a whole new realm theme. The events are old and nobody helps close realm. And oryx is not even worth the time and energy for a vit


That either means one of two things:

  1. You have set patterns of bullets that are randomly chosen.
  2. You have slow moving but random bullets, which definitely doesn’t make the game interesting.


More bosses should do this imo, instead of being on a rail and only moving forward onto whatever phase they have to do.


More towards the second. It doesn’t have to be actually random, it can be more of a “stratified” random. I.E, only on random number is chosen, but this random number would alter all bullets for the phase slightly in direction or something. Hence, it is seemingly random, and would be very unlikely to be repeated noticably, yet actually justs angles multiplied, added, subtracted, transformed, by a random number or two.


Love the idea of adding friendly npc’s. It would really add to the “RPG” status of the MMO RPG that realm is.


I’m going to disagree with you here: I’ve done many, many, many lost halls. The risk vs. reward is really good there, but thats mainly because (in my opinion) the dungeon is too easy in large groups.

It’s gotten to the point where I solo/duo lane MBC rage with a guildy to a) not lag and b) actually have to dodge the shots in pub halls.

The shots are random, but that doesn’t make it more fun with repeated attempts since they’re super easy to dodge unless you get unlucky.


And survived by is dead. RIP



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