Is rotmg a waste of time? [fame farming?]


I’ve been playing a good amount of Rotmg lately, and I like certain aspects of the game, but is just chasing behind fame a waste of time? Just spending hours and hours on a virtual number. I prefer just playing for fun and maxing,


The game can be fun, and maxing is a great goal that can take a long time to work toward. The game has a very high skill ceiling, so there is always more you can work toward achieving. I would say chasing fame values (like trying to go for white star) is definitely not a fun way to play the game, because it will lead you to do constant discord runs or similar events just to increase that number.

Focus on achievements that you set for yourself, and the game will continue to be enjoyable for a very long time.


All games are a waste of time. Once you realise that you can have fun just screwing around without worrying about numbers getting bigger. The people who push fame highscores do it because that’s what they find fun. I play priest PPE because that’s what I find fun. You just have to find something about the game you enjoy and ignore what other people think.


Rotmg is one of those games that doesn’t have a clear-cut end goal, so you have to create one for yourself. Other games end when you beat the final boss, but the good thing with rotmg is that there is no final boss; everything you do is accumulative and isn’t going to end suddenly with a “the end” screen and credits.


I disagree with you strongly, good sir. Games, much like stories, or music, or other art forms carry information to the audience- philosophies, ideals, morals. I myself have experienced many a game that do me good, I believe. Some games have a stronger purpose than others, and some could be called more “productive” to play, but many things can be learned from games. Even ones such as rotmg.


This is probably the best way to get the most out of realm.
Set a goal for yourself: what do I want to achieve? Do I want to beat the Nest one day? Do I want to solo a Fungal and Crystal Cavern? Do I want to get a certain skin?
Stuff like that is why you should want to keep playing. Once you find yourself without a goal, it’s become time to re-evaluate if you really want to keep playing :3


if you’re having fun I wouldn’t really call it a waste of time


Only a waste of time if you’re not enjoying yourself


I agree with most of the people on this thread who say you should play the game in whatever way you enjoy. But fame is very important for pets, which have a large factor on enjoyment for many players


One of the core problems in realm, yet one of it’s most defining traits, is that it’s essentially an open world game in how it has no goals, and you have to make your own, yet a lot of the gameplay is the same, and therefore the amount of goals is finite, which results in burnout.


I like assassin ppes, which is apparent to anyone who checks my graveyard :stuck_out_tongue: