Is the Oppressors Staff like Lumiaire but for staves?


It is very similar in my mind but would you guys agree?


No, there’s not really a weird pattern, Lumiaire has the Arc Gap so sometimes the middle has a bigger or smaller gap

Also Opressor Staff is faster shot speed, it’s trash in general, slower fire rate


it has t13 staff dps


Here’s an additional question. Is it a legitimate swap out for cwhole?


Though it’s only real advantage is the ability to shoot through obstacles. Not trash though, just niche.


If you can handle the slower shot shot speed, it might be an upgrade. But yes, a good swap-out for some event bosses.


Once you master the shot speed I consider it a straight upgrade to cwhole. However, if you aren’t wearing an oryx ring and probably at least one other piece of the oryx set, I would never use it over t13/14.


I like Oppressors, sure its niche and not all too viable, but as soneine who doesnt run with discords and resultingly has little in the way of void/o3 tops, i prefer it to cwhole, when i have it at least. Also makes getting sb on events stuck in dense trees way easier to get, even on a late tp.


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