Is there a Lair of Draconis Discord?


Hey guys, i’d like to farm some LoDs and was wondering if there wasn’t a “LoD discord”. If it exists and you are in it, could you please give it to me? Thanks a lot!


A loooong time ago there used to be one, it was ran by yolorific. Unfortunately it turned into a furry channel I think.


Maybe if it has better drops, with the rework people will want to do it more.As of now I dont know of any


I think that generally, midgame dungeons like that are really unlikely to have specific discords dedicated to them.

No one really wants to be stuck in a discord call for something that isn’t difficult enough to warrant having a run/raid leader (and for a lot of people, even having to be in a call for the dungeons that do require the organization such as halls is not preferable if they’re already familiar enough with the dungeon they feel they don’t need or want to be in the call). If you removed the “having to have a raid leader guide you through the dungeon through call” aspect, then it’d just be an organized “hey I’m gonna pop all these keys I got from the mystery box in [insert location here]”.

They’re also not as high in-demand for loot as shatters and especially halls for example are, which makes it more unlikely that people would be popping LoDs every day. For lower-frequency pops like that, discords that do miscellaneous dungeons like Dungeoneer would fit the bill more. You’d see a bit more traffic during events, but that’s also not a good reason to maintain a discord server that only gets used for a few days every couple of months, and especially when you can easily just camp USSouth and get tons of LoD completions because the dungeon does not require much organization on the players’ end.


Well i’d like to get the “Dungeonneer” discord so, and you are kinda right, LoD don’t need organisation but it’s a kinda rare dungeon so it’d be great if they were discord that could pop many of them


Aww that’s a bit sad but thanks you for answering!


Honestly you’d have a much easier time just looking for them. people wasting money on mid tier dungeons is very unrealistic why pop that when you could just get a lost halls key or shatters? Sorry but I think you may be out of luck


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