Is this "ban worthy?" [priest ditching group in lava walk]


it could fall under griefing


We’d have to ask a lawyer familiar with Oryx’ jurisdiction.

The “Elitist” bunch used to have videos like that, where they walk the group till you can see black tiles, and quickly rush leaving others behind who don’t have divines. But yeah, it’s like a tamer version of dragging so unless it’s widespread enough (like Liinkii) nobody’s getting banned.


I wouldn’t call it ban worthy. I’d call it stupid on the account of the players for lava walking when it’s not much better and a lot more risky than clearing.



and also whenever i die i rewatch the footage and report:

  • any priests who could have saved me
  • anyone who antirogued me
  • anyone who throws barrels at me in parasite
  • anyone who typed in chat and distracted me from dodging

this is a coop game and i should not be responsible for my own deaths


When the healers don’t fuck up and you don’t start lagging, lava walking is faster and safer than clearing (unless you get nothing but yellow pillars for the entire final stretch of the dungeon, which isn’t very likely).

If everyone lava walks but you and you end up having to clear by yourself, you might very well reach the end after the chest has already been destroyed.

Technically, anything is bannable.

Here it wouldn’t lead to a ban the first time, as proving an intent to grief would be difficult (you could have dc’d, something could have come up IRL, etc…). Do it often enough or start gloating publicly about it however and you could get punished for it.

Also yes, killing video game characters does indeed count as murder. Just like how tea bagging someone in a FPS match counts as rape.


Lmao that’s actually kinda funny but still a dick move


not any priests is capable of reacting to your death fast enough though. ( i spam my tome )


the last sentence gives it away as a joke
if he’s not joking then, @Zquidx maybe constantly recording is a cause of your death?


It’s the job of a priest to save his flock, therefore they’re legally obligated to ensure his spot in heaven. Read the tos, it’s right in there.


We priests do not have infinite MP; get used to it.


Unless you have a divine pet and spam MP pots


Even so; that’s a heal every 2 seconds if not using MP pots.


2 priest and maybe extra pally would do a job


No, there’s no way DECA e.g. will ban you for it. I’m not even sure Lava Walk was considered when Shatters was designed. It’s almost an exploit and anyone doing it does so at their own risk. Certainly no-one has to die doing it, as you have plenty of time to nexus if things start getting sketchy.

Could you find yourself persona-non-grata among that group, no longer invited along on raids, even kicked from a guild? Certainly. You could also be kicked for a variety of other reasons. But those are private matters between players, and not considered bans from the game.






Actually? Where can I find more information on this? Can you post any legal cases/laws involving this?


“Yeah, I followed a bunch of idiots into the middle of a lava pool. But my death is completely their fault!”

I know this is overblowing the fact but cmon now. Bring Rogue to shatts if you don’t want to/trust lavawalking




cloaks so lava doesnt see me so it cant damage me


500 IQ play