Is this ST-Dagger shit?!


So what do you guys think about this new Dagger? spent some money on the game and just got this, is it comparable to etherite, despite its rof drop-off? Is it good for my rogue? because I cant really see myself using it on an assasin
Edit: After having gotten some experience with this dagger, I must say it is much better than etherite on safe targets, will definetly experiment more wiht this. The dps is higher than etherite I think, but am still unsure


From what i can understand, having the full set on essentially turns your assassin into a melee/sword class with 60 def and 75 vit which compensates for the 3.5 range respectfully. You even get your spd reduced to 50. So i would say only use it if you have the full set or something.


“Can’t really see myself using it on an assassin”
It’s designed to work with the set’s bonuses, but it can be useful on a rogue considering how close they’re able to get.


If it’s an assassin class, why it says that you can equip the ability (4th slot) on rogue ?


its probably just for info I think


but is it better that etherite?


Its trash no cap


That’s the ring, not the poison


That’s the dagger, not the ring smh


are you confident to play a sword o a cloath class, that’s your answer, but if dps is the only thing that interest you, then yes


It’s more of a cdirk than cdirk, does that answer your question? The set as a whole is like a slightly reimagined samurai without the expose


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