Is This Suspicious? [Trading When Realm Closed]


Hello, so I was playing on my alt account and a realm just closed. I was on the beach and noticed an 8/8 wizard with no gear on. I traded him and it said he was already trading. I also traded Killerxwol (forgot to take a screenie) and he was already trading as well. Right when the realm shook, Killerxwol left the realm. I think they were trying to dupe. The realm didn’t crash however.

And yes, it is still possible to trade in closed realms without any use of cheats or hacks. You have to make a trade with someone before the realm closes and let it be. (proven in this picture.)

What do you think about this? Do you think that DECA should fix this exploit in trading in closed realms to completely fix realm duping?


Well if what you say is true about trading then yes ofc they should fix it.

And yes this is suspicious.



…you can trade when the realm has closed?


EDIT: Yes, this is part of a dupe I know. As far as I know of, it has not been patched. DECA PLS FIX.
(No I won’t tell you how)


Read before making comments.


I was literally just gonna edit that.


[lengthened title to give a bit more info about what it’s about]

Yes it looks suspicious, we prefer not to do witch hunts/name&shame on the forums though, you’re best sending the info to Deca on a support ticket if you want to report the person.

Although it’s possible they were just trading as a joke to try and make it look they were trying to dupe. I don’t think Deca would do anything based on your report, but I’m only guessing.


They should make all trades close automatically 5 seconds after realm close


Ah, sorry, I didn’t know it was THAT widely known. What would happen usually is that I end up with people pming me how to do it over and over again; sorry if this caused you any trouble.

I don’t actually think the 5 second thing is necessary, as this dupe RELIES on the realm crashing on Oryx. Otherwise, there is no use; if the realm doesn’t crash, the dupe doesn’t work. What I’m primarily afraid of is people attempting to INTENTIONALLY crash the realm, and that would be bad.


I feel like limiting all trades to 90 seconds would be an easier solution. This way they wouldn’t have to code that specific “once realms close” and trades never last that long anyway.

Then again I might be completely clueless on how this would be (or need to be) coded.


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