Issue with exalt's


Am i the only one who has this issue, were ive run about 10 shatters nests and about 100 cults, yet to get a single exalt? Am I the only one or no?


It has to be on an 8/8 character for exaltations to count


As a build on what DeeBomb said, make sure that your charger is actually an 8/8. There’s a reoccurring visual glitch that makes it look like your 8/8 when you’re not. You aren’t the first one to report this problem.


Whatever the cause, you can check after every run whether it’s registered and incremented the counter for the relevant Exaltation. I.e. you could have noticed the problem long before doing 10, never mind 100, dungeons. You could check now whether it has counted any of them. If not double check the character’s stats are all in yellow, and check they match the max stats for that class with no gear bonuses.


Another thing, although this seems even less likely, is you only get Exaltations for killing the boss and doing SB damage. This is seperate from going through the exit portal, which is what gives you dungeon completions.

(why do it this way? To stop people leeching in dungeons like Nest, Cult I guess. Also it helps those doing dungeon chains with keys opened in the dungeon)

As you get a credit towards an exaltation for killing the boss you can check it while still in the dungeon.


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