It would be nice to be able to gift people


As the title says, it would be nice to gift people.
When I see someone’s Wishlist on Steam, or a nice person on Twitch, I usually gift them a subscription or purchase that person a thing off their wishlist. Their reaction and jubilation is the best part for me.

I’d like to be able to gift someone on RotMG a char slot, if I see someone who has 4 char slots, another vault chest, etc.


RWT site would like to know your location


this is a cute idea


isn’t this essentially ut trading but with an extra element of trust?


They could introduce in-game gift tokens, which you can buy then gift the gold to someone. This has the advantage that the recipient can spend it how they like. E.g. someone with many more char slots might just like them more than vault chests.

Not sure what the demand would be though, for something that would be quite complex to set up and ensure it all worked reliably.


I’m a nice person btw


i liek this idea, and i dont agree that rwt sites can profit off these, since they have to be sent immediately -> either they sell cheaper than the packs in the game, in which they lose profit, or they can sell more expensive and ppl will just buy the one in game. if same price, they will still go for in game since its easier. It just seems like a p nice idea, specially with christmas soon…






I don’t think that would work because RWT sites can dupe the gold tokens.


Not as I imagine it. It all takes place in the shop, so you e.g. use gold in to buy gold much like any other item, but in addition specify a recipient who gets it credited to their account immediately. They were selling gold only a couple of daya ago, so it would work just like that, except you also say who gets it. This also lets them control the amount, so e.g. no gifting players 5 gold at a time.

Once bought it exists in game like any other gold on an account, which AFAIK has never been duped.


I have bought many more character slots than the 60 I have


Was literally just thinking about this


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