Item Concept: Achilles' Breastplate


Hello Realmeye peeps

I’m not dead.

Here’s an item:

Achilles’ Breastplate


This shining platemail will shield you against almost anything. Just remember to protect your heel.


  • Tier: UT
  • Effect: While Slowed, lose 30 DEF
  • Stat Bonus: +30 DEF, +40 HP, +4 SPD
  • Fame Bonus: 6%
  • Feed Power: 1200

If it’s unbalanced, suggest a solution.


Nice sprite.

Compared to CC this armor gives +4spd +5def and +10dex.
Idk if armor breaking while slowed will balance it out, in dungeons without any slowing enemies it would probably be the best defensive armor, while in dungeons with a lot of slows it would be extremely dangerous to wear it.

Very good swapout nontheless.


Keep +35 def, +4 spd, but also add +40 hp. That’s my opinion


Also, you could replace armor broken with exposed and lower def to 30 to cross the gap a bit.


That could be a lot better. I forgot Exposed existed.


Too strong… When under any effect, lose 35 defense, then add some hp to the armor.

(Note: I think its too strong because it’s incredibly powerful when no slowed around. ALl armors are situational but this ones just broken)


I feel like its way too strong in almost any scenario. Even in a dungeon with slows, you could easily just swap to a tiered armor when slowed, and swap out when not slowed. Maybe if affected by any status, that might make it more balanced, but still there’s the issue of being able to swap out easily to regain armor.


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