Item Concept: All-seeing Ring


Here’s another one.

All-seeing Ring


A sentient ring. The ring will watch the back of its user as a thanks for bringing it with them.


  • Tier: UT
  • Effect: Vision radius is increased by 2 tiles while worn.
  • Stat Bonus: +50 HP, +7 WIS, +5 SPD
  • Fame Bonus: 7%
  • Feed Power: 700


How would it work? Would it work only for minimap?


In the new upcoming version of RotMG, if I recall correctly, you can play with a much more zoomed-out view, only the area which is invisible to you (fog of war) is black. The ring would in this case make your vision radius 2 tiles wider than normally.


Don’t hacked clients make this ring obsolete?






Hacked client ring lol