Item Descriptions Pop Out On The Wrong Side Thus Getting Cut Off


I kinda made multiple screenshots for comedic value, but it just keeps getting worse!

the pop-up should be smarter and pop out to the left :confused:


move an item, then it should work again


I’ve outright had items not show their descriptions repeatedly. I have to enter/exit a portal to reset it properly. I usually have a good idea of the stats of most items in the game, but it’s mildly annoying.


This also resets if you drop an item on the ground, iirc.
It’s pretty annoying indeed, especially since I’v’n’t heard of any Steps To Reproduce >~>


It seems to be caused by hovering over an item in your vault chests, so its info pops up to the right of the item, which often happens as the chests appear on the left of the screen. If you then move your cursor over an item you are using/wearing the position of the info stays the same.

Quickest fix is move the cursor down over something in your inventory, for long enough to view its info. That always fixes it for me.


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