Item dragging bugged


Hello everyone

Is anyone else having issues dragging items from inventory? My items tend to get stuck in my inventory, when i drag them around, either to the vault or BP. The item still exists, but its sprite is bugged and i am unable to do anything with the item (unless it’s an HP pot, in which case I could press the corresponding number to use it). Thus I am out of an inventory slot until I restart the client.

Do any of you have encountered the same bug? Is it a known bug by DECA? Is there anything I can do to circumvent having to restart my client everytime i go to my vault?

P.S. Next time it happens, im gonna provide a picture


Yes, there are actually a number of pesky visual bugs right now, especially in the vault. Some of the bugs existed as far back as the early Flash days, but most of the pertaining to the vault are post Unity.

Unfortunately, whether it’s an item getting stuck on your inventory, items disappearing, or items cloning themselves by replacing your existing gear, it requires you to exit and re-enter your vault.

However, if an item gets stuck in your inventory in the Realm/Nexus, that’s one of the ancient glitches that has always required a game reset.

(P.S., for future warning, if you, perchance, encounter the misfortunes of having your white/orange/whatever hard-locked into your bag like some people have posted on other threads, snap a picture and send a support ticket to DECA)


Sad thing is, that there is no other way to put stuff into vault. You can double click items out of the vault or bag, but you cant do that with putting stuff away.