Item freezes in mid-air when throwing it


So, a very bothersome bug is forcing me to close the game and boot again… At times, some item gets stuck in mid-air after discarding it… That doesn’t so bad, right?

WRONG. This bug, whenever it occurs, RENDERS AN INVENTORY SPACE USELESS.

Not just that. Trying to change it for another item renders ANOTHER grid completely useless, forcing you to leave items behind because you can’t swap them.

Doesn’t happen while double-clicking, but rather when I drag it into the field to drop it.

Happened with pots in vault, armor and weapons in the middle of a map, and there where many dungeon rewards lost.

I wonder if this is only happening to me or you also have been on the same boat. Do you know any way to fix it?


Fix by reloading the game - this is a known issue (although it has been not happening to me recently). That said, I rarely drag any items because double clicking and moving with numbers is more efficient. If you are doing something vault related, record your screen so you have a case to make if you lose an item due to it. I don’t think you lose items, just the inv. space.


Yeah unfortunately I’m pretty sure this problem has been around for like 10 years. I just have to restart the game and try not to move my character while moving items between the inventory and the ground because that seems to trigger it more for me


It’s been around during Flash, but it was fixed in Patch X.18.0 (early Deca, October 2017).

Not sure when it started re-appearing in the Unity port, though. It does seem to bee quite inconsistent.


I’m pretty sure it was still happening after that during flash