Item gifting


Good day folks, like 1.5 years ago I made a post about something similar to this. (On reddit)
I thought, now that since deca is running the game, i’ll could post this again.

So maybe you think now “What could this be?”. The Idea is, how can I give my friend an soulbound item, which he searches for years and never gets? Here is an solution for it.

It works simple:

You need atleast 42 Stars Why? Because there’s tons of UT’s hoarded on accounts with less stars.

1000 Gold or 25000 account fame needed Can be changed, it’s just a example.

The item will appear in its giftchest.

There should definitely be a time restriction on, how often you can gift UTs, like once every 1-3 times per month to limit RWT shops as much as possible. Better for the account as just the IP.

I know it’s very easy to get account fame, but since deca mentioned it’s going to get a change for the fame rework, we will see if there’s still “exploitedable” fame gains. Mundane, such as friends of the cubes and Thirsty are very easy to obtain.

Please tell me your opinion. Thanks for reading.


Shouldn’t the person receiving the item be paying?


before i say anything i just want to say big fan

Now, the idea itself, honestly, despite how much it costs and the star requirement, it’s really still broken. Fame Training is easier than ever, since you pretty much need to just do one Parasite Chamber and you’ve gotten the most fame you can before fame gain slows down. I know you mentioned this lower, but it’s still a major issue and you can’t avoid it.

Limiting the amount you can gift others is a nice way to counteract things, but that doesn’t fix how it can be extremely broken. If you have an account that just has one of every UT in the game, and that account has a bunch of them due to duping, then you can give yourself literally anything for just $10 or around a few days of fame farming. In the meantime, you could get your 42 stars from doing this, since it isn’t all too hard.

The way the game is makes it so it encourages searching for the item you want because you can’t just store up 50 life from doing Lost Halls all day and buy what you want. By having UTs soulbound, you have to work towards the things you want. This also makes you feel satisfied that you put in the work and got what you wanted. This isn’t a Private Server, and it’s good because of that.

I’ll use myself as an example. I’ve always wanted a Dirk of Cronus, and I’ve done countless Cube Gods to try and farm one, but I’ve never gotten one. Yet I got a Trap of the Vile Spirit 3 days after it was first released, and I never even thought about it. I got what I found to be fun, but it wasn’t what I wanted, and I didn’t exactly feel satisfied when I got the Trap, just surprised. Had I spent 2 weeks going for the trap vigorously, I would’ve appreciated it a lot more. Since I’ve spent years going for CDirk, it makes me feel disappointed, but it’ll be that much better when I finally get it.

As much as I want to say that gifting other people UTs would be really nice, it doesn’t fit the essence of the game or what it encourages. Even if it was the two people trading the UTs at the cost of gold/fame, it would still just not fit the game. Even STs that are not soulbound are a huge stretch, but there’s no taking them back now because they’ve been out of the soulbound status for too long. I can’t honestly say that I like the idea when this is the case.




But fame farming
Just look at that fame in the background


I mean DECA would sure be happy considering how much fame this costs and how many people would actually use it just to gift another person UT.

But tbh if this was a thing, it would be pretty much only used by RWT


Pixie - $2.00

Please note that we charge a 25$ fee on every order to cover the 25,000 fame we require to get you the item.


  1. No one would actually send a rare item besides RWT who wants to build up whites on an account then sell it
  2. People wouldnt use gold since in this case you’re sending something not getting anything so no one would use real money, because that’s just how a lot of ROTMG players are
  3. Only hard core fame trainers do it and hard core fame training is impossible to do for 95% of the people in the game unless they use bots, which Im pretty sure you dont want and even if they had the fame why would they do it?
  4. Ive never met a selfless person in game. Sure there are a lot of nice people, but theres probably no one I know who’d actually send me a UT. Like I said before, the only people who’d use it is RWT


But who wouldnt want to give away an ice crown y’know?



Ah that’s how yeah that could be problematic but at that cost I doubt it’s worth it for them

I’d be willing to send items to many people i’ve met in realm over time.

This is suppose to be a once in a blue moon thing for say, people with maxed divines and banked fame.

I like you but I wouldn’t send you a UT.

I’d send Traktion, OmegaDeity, Lucy, Geo or Merlydia UTs


I like the idea but I dont think you should be able to send uts. I think that would work in favor for RWT

Have a limit on how many items can be sent in a day and the person will have a choice to accept the gift or not


1 per month would do it.


Don’t be stingy, share your planes D:

Gud idea, for those scared of dupers you could make the restriction even harsher, like once a year.

Shatter has like 50 some planes on his other account lol, also screw EPs they’re useless and are filling up my vault.


No, you hate me


Alright ill be sending you 1 kendo stick a month


But what if they don’t want the UT? There isn’t any way the receiver can deny it. A UT is something you should earn and when it’s just sent to another person for 10 bucks or a boatload of fame it’s kind of pointless.

I don’t even have to look them up but Im pretty sure these people are already flowing in UTs. It just feels wrong to have a system where only the rich can benefit and the poor are left out. And either way I’m pretty sure out of everyone in the game, maybe 10-20 people would use this, probably a bit more but considering how little it would be it wouldnt make a difference.


Friends, gifting is usually for friends, you give gifts to friends.

You make it so they can deny it.


In a sense couldn’t this just become ut trading?


What about those eps tho :frowning:


Ill take them