Item Idea: Spell of Galactic Deconstruction


“A powerfull spell made by an ancient race of powerful aliens. This powerful spell has the ability to summon meteors to eliminate your foes”

this spell would have 2 modes, normal cast and charge cast: on normal cast, a large area (6-7.5 tiles will be pummeled with meteors landing in random areas, (basically AOEs not shots) in quick succsession for 10 seconds. Each meteor deals 200 damage in a 3-tile area. a total of ~35(ish) meteors total will fall down, making it really good for clearing (it COULD do unholy amounts of damage but the chance of it landing in the same spot all the time is abysmal, so its really just a clearing spell). It would be good in godlands or any other minion-spam situation, and its large area is good for clearing as well.

Now charging the ability will summon a huge meteor, its damage depending on how long u charge it. 1 second: 750 damage within a 1-tile area, 2 seconds: 1500 damage within a 1.5-tile area, 3 seconds, 2000 damage within a 1.5 second area, 4 seconds: 2500 damage within a 1.75 tile area, 5 seconds: 3000 damage within a 2-tile area.

this allows you to choose between high single-target damage (lower than tablet but easier to hit). it may seem too high, but remember, you are charging this for 5 seconds, so it really deals that damage voere 5 seconds, wince you can only have 1 giant meteor at a time. this balances its ease of use, especially considering its MP cost of 100: thats 30 damage per mana. (note: it charges automatically, meaning that whenever you dont use it, its charging up for a big attack (you can cancel the charge by using SHIFT + ability key to just do the clearing blast. the spell will glow when it’s fully charged, so you dont accidentally waste a giant meteor on a beach spider™.

On Equip: +50 HP, +50 MP, +10% Armor Potency.

Armor Potency: increases the stats that your armor gives you by x% (rounded up) for example: Vesture + this spell = Vesture (+10% AP: +14 DEF, +11 SPD, +6 ATT, +44 MP, On Ability Use: +17 ATT and -5 DEF for 6 seconds: Cooldown: 4 Seconds

NOTE: this would be a reskin for a VERY endgame item (original name still under consideration, posted reskin cuz i had the reskin thought out more than the original.


Hello, just wanted to drop by and give some thoughts.

You’re using the word “powerful” too much here. Try other synonyms to spice things up a bit!

The wording is a bit confusing? But I think I got it. You can charge the spell for a big meteor in one area or multiple meteors within a somewhat bigger area. Although the idea does seem aesthetic as meteors falling down seems pretty cool.

Also wanted to briefly bring up I don’t really see how this could be done in the game in terms of programming/coding it sort of sense, although since this is all theoretical it wouldn’t really matter too much. Although perhaps “charging” it would instead lower the area of the normal cast making meteors more consistently hit a specific area? That’s just a suggestion though.

For the normal cast, since its “~35-ish meteors” over 10 seconds that’s 3.5 meteors a second. Within 6-7.5 and an area of 3-tiles, can the meteors hit outside the 6-7.5 tiles (lets say the center of the meteor is still inside the max range but its 3 tiles so a part of it might hit the outside) or do the meteors stay completely inside (this might be broken since the true AoE would be very small). I don’t exactly know how to run the damage numbers so I won’t comment on that yet.

I personally don’t like “cancelling” or adding an additional key for the ability but that might just be me. This is mainly because it feels too “lenient”. The AoE potential seems a bit too high for me although having a “pseudo-cooldown” for the spell seems interesting in terms of “charging it”. I was initially confused though at the start so it might be helpful to mention it “self-charging” at the start.

It feels like you’re trying to add too many mechanics for the spell (Specifically the armor potency part). I don’t get where armor potency ties in to all of this either. Although it could be a neat concept its best to not have too many things going on for the item.


So this spell is part of a private server I am currently making, and Armor-potency is a mechanic (u can ignore it rn). the center of the meteors stays within the radius, but the AoE can go outside of the radius.


no pservers pls


srry. i didn’t mean to mentiona pserver, a person just asked about a random mechanic. wont happen again.


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