Items that perhaps need a buff


First off, Fire Dragon Battle Armor. Provides some neat stats (4 att and 3 spd) but sacrifices 8 def to do so… I think this is a little much, especially since the 4 att and 3 spd doesn’t feel like much. Maybe lower the def decrease? This seems lackluster when placed in comparison to the other LOD whites.

Armor of Nil. Yeah… compared to the easier to obtain Wyrmhide (or at least I assume easier to obtain, as I’ve gotten plenty of Wyrms with no Nil) or even Hydra, you gain just 3 or 4 def but sacrifice all the dex. I know of no one who uses this armor other than aesthetics/flex. It looks cool, but maybe buff it to 24 def? It’s sorta similar to a CC (get big def, sacrifice dps).

Hivemaster Helm. For a helmet that drops from a highly challenging dungeon, it’s really meh. The extra dps is really lowered when the enemy has a decent amount of def. I think the bee attacks should armor pierce (thereby guaranteeing that the player adds 600 dps).

CDirk. Yes, it got a buff once, but it’s still kinda lackluster, not to mention the Agent of Oryx dagger is pretty much a direct upgrade (very comparable dps with higher range). I feel like the idea behind the dagger is not unique enough. Jugg, Ray, and to some extent Oreo provide more defensive playstyles to more offensive classes, while Ogmur and Bloody provide more offense to classes with defensive abilities. Conflict and Vile provide offensive boosts to support classes. CDirk does provide a nice offense boost but there are too many like it. Ripper and Etherite and kinda fine (Eth has lower range and Ripper’s hard to use, so Dirk is pretty preferable compared to those two) but the Oryx dagger… too op. That Oryx dagger needs a nerf, but I feel like Dirk should get a new niche.

Kageboshi. It’s just… lame. Need I say more?


water dragon robe. used to be the best robe for an attack based set, now its just a worse toga


That’s true. The speed might justify it a little but… idk I died with mine and didn’t really care. I like toga’s mana boost.




have to disagree with the nil one. especially on dagger classes, the dex reduction compared to wyrmhide is barely noticeable, but the added survivability is very useful. it’s a godsend especially on ninja, considering it’s a glass cannon and ninja already having very good dps. have to say it’s probably not as useful on bow classes though


But it’s in an archer UT set lol


that doesn’t mean you can’t use it on other classes lol


No I just thought it was funny that the item wasn’t as good on the class it was originally intended for


My main argument is that the 3 def is not enough bang for your buck. There’s not too many (if any) situations where 43 and 46 def is noticeable imo

Furthermore, this is a void white. The other void whites are all pretty strong stuff, but nil just seems to be the really meh drop…

And then ofc potato is another issue but I’ll get into that some other time.


mixcoatl set needs a buff…

prove me wrong!!!11


It’s mid game :smiley: and I actually use the staff


The only reason people consider Lodestone to be bad is cause they have a fucking HP fetish.


an hp fetish makes you live longer


Agree with CDirk. Shit needs to be buffed still (forget the memes, it just gets outclassed, despite being the rarest dagger in the game (and then people will say rarity =/= strength, which is not very true, because why wouldn’t the harder stuff to get be somewhat more effective; even on that note, it’s just not good enough to stand up to other daggers)). And Nil is something I’m actually glad I haven’t gotten, because it really just is not good. Like, compare Nil to the fucking Void Bow (outdamages every katana, and has more range, outdamages almost every dagger and has more range, and overall the DPS is fucking absurd), or the Void Quiver (it was really nice to use although some people call it shit), or the fucking BREASTPLATE (this item is straight overpowered), and it begins to look like the shittiest LH white of the bunch. I agree with basically everything on this list, except Hivemaster; I think its fine and fits the niche, since things that curse shouldn’t be overtly strong, or else they kind of overshadow the Mystic’s gimmick.


And it’s also braindead boring lmao


With lodestone, just dodge with +6 spd


Are you trying to tell me the item that literally gives you invulnerability is a less defensive item than a katana with a slightly higher range?


It’s slightly more then just slightly more range. Ray definitely offers a good amount of survival for ninja while Oreo does offer a short amount of invul BUT also takes away 4 def when not invul.


Honestly, the invuln on Oreo isn’t really long enough to use it defensively in my view. I tend to use it more to push in to do more damage or just to sit on things for fun than for defense. Particularly with the -4 def, it isn’t a very effective defensive item.


(IC/OoC buffs hype)