Its time, ROTMG


Hello fellow ROTMG players,

I’ve decided today to come to the forums and announce that today, I will be permanently quitting rotmg. I decided it was a good idea to write what I had to say in the forums because the most amount of people would see it. Today, what I will try to accomplish, is to explain my journey of rotmg, why I quit, and what I thought overall of rotmg.

First off, I can’t thank anybody enough who had played with me, trained with me, even died with me. If you even had the smallest impact on my experience, I thank you for your company. I started playing realm roughly 4 years ago, (not this account specifically), and since then, I have been obsessed with the game. Now, being involved in many activities plus sports, I had to slowly cut down on my time spent on realm. ROTMG was meant for entertainment, and to be honest, over the course of those 4 years, entertainment was exactly what I got; until motmg.

Now for some reason, motmg has literally just tanked my obsession with rotmg down to a very low state, and now I am where I am today. I’m not sure why motmg, in fact motmg should have been increasing my wanting to play, but unfortunately, thats not what happened. I don’t know why or how, and it isn’t deca’s fault because many people are enjoying it.

As for how to quit, I will suicide all my chars with everything I have in my vault, and close the game. If we have ever talked or ever played side by side in rotmg, then it’s been an honor.

Farewell, and Goodbye to all.


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