Ivan's Kensei PPE


Hey guys,

I am having a lot of fun with Kensei. I want to start a playthrough where I plan to fully exalt Kensei with only a single life. I want to document it, so I will be dumping images here.


  1. No trading
  2. No discord runs*
  3. No forge
  4. I can use tinkerer/campaign items if I get the materials on the PPE
    *(If I happen to be in a realm where an O3 is taking place I will stay. I may make exceptions to this rule in the future, once I am maxed and have good gear. The main thing I am trying to avoid is just no-lifing discords and getting gear for free.)

Note I am going to give myself a backpack. I’m not going to suffer through breaking eggs for days just to get one.

Here we go:

Let me lay out me early game goals:

Max Spd/Dex/Att/Def
Grind cdepths for Doku
Grind LODs for Celestial Blade/Fire Dragon Battle Armor
Grind Davy’s for the UT Sheathe (Decoy, good damage on stationary targets, and SUPER tanky)
Grind Abyss for the UT Sheathe (Good AOE clear I think. Idk it looks cool and I want it.)

Things that would be nice to get along the way:
UT Sheathe from Wlab (makes you go fast)
UT Sheathe from MTemple (Really I just want any UT sheathe)
Any UT rings
Ray Katana

I plan to get a tanky build, with the Davy’s sheathe and breastplate of new life I should be able to have a crazy amount of HP.


Not much progress yet, but I have seen some discourse previously about how Cdepths is too hard now and is filled with unfair insta-pops so I wanted to drop my opinion on that. I disagree 100%. Cdepths is one of my favorite dungeons, and everything is pretty telegraphed. I attempted one, but got trapped breaking into the boss room. I’ll come back and try again when I am level 20 with a better sheathe. I got really far though with basically no gear, you can sneak past most the enemies here.


aaaand we are already dead…

Red dragon after the rework is VERY unfriendly to unmaxed accounts. If you don’t have great AOE clear or enough defense to tank everything, you will die. There just isn’t any room to dodge, you either tank or you kill everything quickly. Since I haven’t achieved any exaltations yet, I am still good to pursue my goal of getting a fully exalted kensei with only a single life. Here we go again.


One of the things I love to do when I am on a PPE is to tag along with new players. I think that this is a great way to get them into the game. I personally dislike when people just shovel a bunch of gear and free stuff to new players, that just spoils them and ruins the fun of the game. Tag along with them, guide them through some dungeons, make friends! The only sort of gear I will dump onto new players are pet eggs if I see that they are petless. Here, I tagged along with Jellyfitz and they nearly died to the troom boss. They got some snakeskin armor and nexused after equipping it! It gives me so much nostalgia seeing things like this happen.