Ive only played one class before, persuade me to play your favorite one.


As ive said in the title, just died again playing wizard, and I guess now’s a good time to try another class. Tell me why your favorite class is more fun than wizard. (My pet is 56heal, 54 magic heal if that matters)


Well, since you’ve played Wizard.

I suggest you either play Necromancer, Assassin, Priest or Paladin.

Necromancer because health stealing is fun a heck and its very good for farming the Mountains. Assassin because easy soulbound on Oryx 2. Priest because helping people is a must, Paladin because its the strongest melee (in my opinion)


Play archer because tons of great uts. Also is op class


Paden. You’ll literally feel like Superman. You do lots of damage (I know, less than a warrior and a wizard, but still a lot). You have good healing (I know, less than a priest, but there’s no cooldown and with gcookie + max wis, you’ll be healing ~120 and you’ll get the healing buff). You give the group three valuable buffs: damaging, healing, and Max HP+. It’s also good at rushing.


Necro all da wae every dae
Or asassin that ones good too
But necro better
Or huntress
Or warrior


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“Fun as heck”

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nah i get what youre saying bud. Necro is my favorite class and i love life steal


How do you have a dark blue star if you’ve only ever played the starting class?


Try my archer. It has almost as great range as wizard EXCEPT it’s ability can paralyze. Archer is quite popular with the realm community almost everybody has one. The archer is a classic.


I enjoy warrior and samurai, but since neither one of them is very beginner friendly, so I’m just going to recommend Paladin.


Play Mystic, on their own with the orb they can normally get a higher dps while also working as a support class, the satisfaction from saving the life of a hapless melee that charges in to deep feels wonderful and it has rush ability that the wizard doesn’t, and even if you want to clear with stasis you can just skip the more tedious rooms. Also they have what I would argue to be one of the most usable unsb ST sets. They will be a little hard to learn at first but when you finally learn them they become the what I would argue to be the strongest most fun class in the game


I would assume he unlocked and leveled all the other classes first and then decided that he wanted to only play wizard


If you were replying to the fact that I said medium, I just came from looking at some of my older ideas and still had the medium class idea in my head and wrote it instead of mystic by mistake


Sorc. It’s similar enough you won’t find yourself too lost, but is very different to play in significant ways. It’s faster, has more range and piercing. The latter two compensate for the lower damage of Wands compared to Staves, and is useful in many situations: Godlands, clearing dungeons, taking on many bosses especially O2.

Biggest difference is the ability. Sceptre does less raw damage, but more reliably does it to multiple enemies, which is often better that doing 2x or 3x as much damage as is needed against a single enemy. It can clear rooms in some dungeons, or greatly weaken all the occupants of rooms in others - or all gods in range in Godlands. Get a Fulmi and you have the most effective slow ability in the game.


Let me tell you about my favourite class.

Imagine having stat caps of 75 speed, 75 dexterity, 720 hit points, along with 65 attack, 60 wisdom, and a good 252 mana points. These are all decent.

Imagine having the ability to render enemies completely unable to see you, while you sneak past. It’s low cap of 40 vitality doesn’t matter when you’re not being targeted by bullets.
But not only that, but the ability to teleport for a measly 60 mana.

Meet the trickster!
The decoy is a very versatile ability if used correctly, able to drag the attention of enemies off of your ENTIRE GROUP, essentially granting everyone invisibility. This is useful in many situations, one including Oryx 2 where one well placed decoy can help knights get their first crucial stun in. Not only that, but with the starting prism you are given a teleport. This is very powerful as you are able to teleport past bullets, out of corners, away from danger and enemies, do the secret switch in Shatters, and overall travel very quickly with 75 speed and a teleport.

Untiered prisms have some very unique effects, for example the ST Brain of the Golem, which places a stationary decoy for seven seconds, then dazes nearby enemies. Daze is a rare status ailment in RotMG. The Prism of Dire Instability, dropped from Encore, spawns a fast decoy which explodes much like a wizard spellbomb, dealing LOTS of damage. And even if you can’t get your hands on these, tiered prisms still offer a teleport and a very long decoy time.

The dagger gives the Trickster enough range to deal damage fairly safely, and coupled with a decoy you can easily get damage in. Daggers do decent damage, and there are many good untiered daggers, such as the Queen’s Stinger, although hard to get it pierces enemies and does a lot of damage.

Leather hides have decent defense and boost dexterity, beefing up the Trickster’s offensive capabilities further. Good UT armours exist for the trickster too.

Overall, if you can use your ability well, you’re a rogue that can benefit other players and have a cheap teleport, and you have great damage. Trickster is awesome :slight_smile:


Look, if you don’t try to play Samurai or Ninja, I will personally come to your house just to gently force it upon you. ^u^

Both of them can pierce, have abilities that either compensate for their weakness of range (Ninja’s Star) or boost their strong point of crowd clearance (Samurai’s Wakizashi), and are just. They’re just a blast to play, I swear.
That said, they’re probably the most polarising classes of them all - you either love them and think they’re great, or find them terrible and underpowered.


I vote archer especially if you can get your hands on some nice bows


I don’t know how to quote, but the “completely unable to see you” part is kind of misleading. Yes, the trickster can use decoys to make him invisible to an extent, but not completely.
Also, KNiGHT IS DA BEST! ppe lel xd (pls dont hurt me)