Jack Frost doesn't drop all three gifts if there is an obstacle in the way


the Jack Frost I just did ended up dying right above a cyclops tower, and it only dropped 2 gifts (one above, and one to the right)
the one on the bottom didn’t spawn because the cyclops tower was in the way


Same thing happens when Lich summons Phylactery Bearers


Sounds more like intentional game design than a bug. It wouldn’t make sense to spawn an entity on an invalid position, unreachable by the players.


i mean keyper destroys anything that’s in the way to spawn… woulda expected the same w/ this


Yeah, there’s a reason the devs made the Keyper do that, as Kiddi alluded. There are more examples of enemies that could’ve historically had a similar treatment to avoid bad spawns, like the Crystal receiving its own tile for spawning to destroy any potential rock it may happen to attempt spawning on… I guess all I’m saying is that it’s odd that these don’t do the same.


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