JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


It only took 95 sewers! (That wasn’t sarcasm; I was expecting it to take much longer than that. Also, I figured that the white bag was probably the poison instead, so this was a pleasant surprise.) I also fed the key ring, because it was taking up space and I was never using it.

I was also surprised to get this; I didn’t get a single one of these in all of the castles I ran during the winter campaign, so suddenly getting one at random was unexpected.

I’m looking forward to a possible thicket event coming up soon when they boost the drop rates for the ST set; after the recent Niegil post detailing a new ninja set, I figure that DECA will probably do something similar to the warrior, huntress and priest ST sets and boost the drop rates of the current set. Without that, and with little to no access to ST chests, my ninja’s chances at getting the set seem rather bleak. ST drop rates are just super low.


What do you think of the new ninja set? +200 go lmfao


Yeah, just stacking on the hp isn’t my favorite design; I prefer to mix the hp with a decent amount of def. For that reason, it’s… not my favorite.


Another chance at Midnight Star? I’ll take it! Until then, though, real life has me busy.


You and me both want midnight. GL to you!


Hmm hope I get another water robe so I can make a sorc


I was able to play for a little bit during this event, so here’s what I have so far.

Pointy boi! Already have one, but I’m now an armor and a ring away from making my second set.

This was all I really wanted from this dungeon for my ppe, so it was awesome that it showed up in so few runs. Looks like it could be good as part of a dps swapout set (though the fact that I have to get hit a bunch of times for it to really work could make things tricky).


The death of a fellow forumer. Yeah, those basilisks do hurt if you stand in the wrong spot.

Thought I looked cute, might delete later. (It’s not that close of a call by most people’s standards, but I usually nexus well before this point.)

I wasn’t on long enough during the LoD event to get mstar, but I was able to complete the quests. This makes warrior set #2.

Well, at least it wasn’t a cutlass!

Okay, I see how it is. Pet food time!

Finally reached 10k base fame! (Still sitting at 0 Halls entered.)


great job


More events are coming up, including Secluded Thicket (now with boosted ST drop rates) and Crawling Depths (with doku)! I think I’ll actually be able to play this time, so I can finally get those dope ninja STs and that freaking poison sword.


Smh you have ray for range and celestial for dps anyway so you don’t really need doku


I don’t need doku, but I want doku.


celestial is actually bad though, shot pattern makes it fucking annoying to aim and if you’re close enough to hit both shots you might as well use a different katana at that point


Hmph, masa outdamages Doku at like 30 def which isn’t a lot and from what I can remember kazekiri does even more dps


It munches leaves.


Stacked shots op decker fix plis.


I’m probably not going to start another ppe soon; my ninja was quite successful, and the fact that nothing else died while it was alive means that I now have a significant number of items which are in my vault and clogging up my character inventories As a result, I think I’m going to make a couple non-ppes, play for a while and hope something dies soon. (Maybe my soul, who knows?)


Woah how are you so good?!?!





When I have a free character slot, I’ll do another one (maybe bard?)…

I actually suck, I’m just very good at pretending.


Bonk. Looks like I have no more excuses; it’s time for another ppe! (Soon, at least.) But I need help deciding what to make before I do that.

I’d like to go with a class that I have not already ppe-d with, so that takes out mystic, pally and ninja. I’d also prefer it if it wasn’t a class I don’t currently have, but that would limit me to just choosing assassin or necromancer (though I would be down for either of these as well), so I won’t put that restriction in place. What do you guys think? I won’t put in a poll (I am expecting fewer responses than total options, after all), but if you guys have recommendations, let me know!