JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


great job


More events are coming up, including Secluded Thicket (now with boosted ST drop rates) and Crawling Depths (with doku)! I think I’ll actually be able to play this time, so I can finally get those dope ninja STs and that freaking poison sword.


Smh you have ray for range and celestial for dps anyway so you don’t really need doku


I don’t need doku, but I want doku.


celestial is actually bad though, shot pattern makes it fucking annoying to aim and if you’re close enough to hit both shots you might as well use a different katana at that point


Hmph, masa outdamages Doku at like 30 def which isn’t a lot and from what I can remember kazekiri does even more dps


It munches leaves.


Stacked shots op decker fix plis.


I’m probably not going to start another ppe soon; my ninja was quite successful, and the fact that nothing else died while it was alive means that I now have a significant number of items which are in my vault and clogging up my character inventories As a result, I think I’m going to make a couple non-ppes, play for a while and hope something dies soon. (Maybe my soul, who knows?)


Woah how are you so good?!?!





When I have a free character slot, I’ll do another one (maybe bard?)…

I actually suck, I’m just very good at pretending.


Bonk. Looks like I have no more excuses; it’s time for another ppe! (Soon, at least.) But I need help deciding what to make before I do that.

I’d like to go with a class that I have not already ppe-d with, so that takes out mystic, pally and ninja. I’d also prefer it if it wasn’t a class I don’t currently have, but that would limit me to just choosing assassin or necromancer (though I would be down for either of these as well), so I won’t put that restriction in place. What do you guys think? I won’t put in a poll (I am expecting fewer responses than total options, after all), but if you guys have recommendations, let me know!


sorc! you’ll grow sick of labs though
huntress is fun too (not as boring)
Make a poll?



  • Rogue
  • Archer
  • Wizard
  • Priest
  • Warrior
  • Knight
  • Assassin
  • Necromancer
  • Huntress
  • Trickster
  • Sorcerer
  • Samurai

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Okay, this ppe is actually probably going to be postponed while I try to farm the heck out of this campaign with my already-busy schedule. It is, however, likely to be a huntress ppe, and I have plans surrounding a bard ppe when that class comes out. Until then, expect about as much out of this thread as you’ve seen over the last month or so (nothing, really). Sorry to disappoint, but I need that vault chest.


Hey guys, what is goin’ on it is me JimdaFish here back with another Realm of the Mad God ppe:

It’s a huntress, because that was one of the top ones on the poll a while back, so I made it.

I considered putting in all the stuff I got before level 20, but you guys probably don’t care about that so I didn’t.

Here’s the stuff I got after that, minus the potions because they aren’t interesting either:

You might notice that that T4 speed ring in the previous picture turned into a T5 ring in this picture; I got the T5 one in Janus, netting me a total of three speed rings in that castle.

Making a new ppe really helps one to appreciate the midtier items.

That was today’s adventure; it seems my huntress is getting a good start. My goal for the first few days is to get to 6/8, and maybe get a dbow if RNGesus allows it.


Do fungals use2 for trap and wyrm :>


Do with sbc instead


Imagine meeting veri reqs :flushed:


I’m not a big fan of going straight to endgame stuff right off the bat when doing a ppe; there’s a lot of early- and midgame content that I prefer not skip over. Especially since this huntress needs a dbow and that mwoods ST. :smile:

I’ll get to the endgame stuff once I’m maxed.