JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


sorc! you’ll grow sick of labs though
huntress is fun too (not as boring)
Make a poll?



  • Rogue
  • Archer
  • Wizard
  • Priest
  • Warrior
  • Knight
  • Assassin
  • Necromancer
  • Huntress
  • Trickster
  • Sorcerer
  • Samurai

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Okay, this ppe is actually probably going to be postponed while I try to farm the heck out of this campaign with my already-busy schedule. It is, however, likely to be a huntress ppe, and I have plans surrounding a bard ppe when that class comes out. Until then, expect about as much out of this thread as you’ve seen over the last month or so (nothing, really). Sorry to disappoint, but I need that vault chest.


Hey guys, what is goin’ on it is me JimdaFish here back with another Realm of the Mad God ppe:

It’s a huntress, because that was one of the top ones on the poll a while back, so I made it.

I considered putting in all the stuff I got before level 20, but you guys probably don’t care about that so I didn’t.

Here’s the stuff I got after that, minus the potions because they aren’t interesting either:

You might notice that that T4 speed ring in the previous picture turned into a T5 ring in this picture; I got the T5 one in Janus, netting me a total of three speed rings in that castle.

Making a new ppe really helps one to appreciate the midtier items.

That was today’s adventure; it seems my huntress is getting a good start. My goal for the first few days is to get to 6/8, and maybe get a dbow if RNGesus allows it.


Do fungals use2 for trap and wyrm :>


Do with sbc instead


Imagine meeting veri reqs :flushed:


I’m not a big fan of going straight to endgame stuff right off the bat when doing a ppe; there’s a lot of early- and midgame content that I prefer not skip over. Especially since this huntress needs a dbow and that mwoods ST. :smile:

I’ll get to the endgame stuff once I’m maxed.


A journey into a castle resulted in my huntress obtaining a better trap!

Upgrades people, upgrades.

All things considered, that exa hp didn’t take long.

1/8 dex

Somehow dealt the killing blow to the sentry with my subpar bow.

This replaced my exa spd ring.

Well, that happened, I guess…

Just a random inc.

Not too interesting, but here’s a chest I opened from Oryx marks.

Second ST of the day (fed this one).

And a bow upgrade!

Def and spd are both getting pretty close to max; vit and wis are on the way as well. The other stats are still a ways off.


Our hero sets out on a journey to make herself stronger and get better items…

…but first she grabs one of these things.

A lucky find on a quest to liberate the Realm Eye from the evil spell! Now just one more item from this dungeon, and she will be free of all this reading.

Our hero gets hungry and stops at a local fast food joint. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to stomach this mouthful, so she feeds it to one of her pets.

In destroying the evil ruler of the realm, our protagonist finds some better armor and a trap. There is rejoicing all around.

Defense maxed! Our hero’s skin is tough as nails. Actually, now that I think about it, that’s kinda weird-sounding. Maybe I need to not write these things while sleep-deprived.

Wisdom is maxed! Her skull can barely contain her massive brain!

The hydra once had many heads, but now it’s just used as protection from attacks. Also, vit is maxed.

A journey into an ancient tomb yields a legendary ring from the gods themselves; an item capable of giving much strength to the user; one which flows with power of the River Nile itself!

But then a cat ate it.

After chugging some weird green juice that she found searching a pirate’s corpse, our hero is now super speedy!

Two tops, neither of which I kept. Not sure why I screenshotted this, but there you are.

Specters are not known for being resilient, and neither is this armor. Still, our hero might find some use for it.

An encounter with a creepy clown holding puppets gives our hero some purple liquid which makes her super buffed. Atk is maxed!

Our hero has proven her worth, and is now allowed to carry an adventurer’s backpack so she can get more loot.

A journey into a jungle temple yields a mana potion. 7/8!

Also, I’m getting tired of writing “our hero” and “our protagonist”; I think she needs a name. Suggestions?











Or Easty LOL.


Stormrage (thanks @LudwiGa!) journeyed into the ancient tomb once again. This time, her haul was to come from the many sarcophagi scattered throughout the sand-strewn hideout:

(These were indeed from the same tomb; the second screenshot was a Geb ring, and had to be cropped to prevent JimdaFish’s personal info from getting leaked.)

With the help of her friend @Chadywick, Stormrage participated in a total 42 raids on the Undead Lair. But at last, she was able to wrest the mighty doom bow from the ethereal hands of Septavius himself:

(Chat is worth a read in that one. The drop happened between “no” and “lol”.)

But alas, disaster struck. As they were fighting a massive skull spewing fire everywhere, the stone pillars surrounding the skull let loose with their own attacks. Stormrage evaded the volley, but the priest Chadywick was not so fortunate.

Mourning the loss of her friend, Stormrage turned to the knowledge hidden in the texts of old for support, drawing support from the wisdom of the ancient pages:

Continuing her quests alongside the archer @Rmcgre, Stormrage ventured into a land of sticky honey and fierce insect warriors. Upon slaying one, she was able to scavenge a ring from the dead insect:

Killing another such enemy, the huntress was able to fashion sturdy armor from the hide (if you call it that) of the insect:

Stormrage and Rmcgre then continued onward to confront the monstrosity at the very center of the massive nest. Unfortunately, Stormrage was quite inexperienced, and had to flee the fight mere moments from certain destruction. Rmcgre was slightly more successful, but also had to leave when the archer’s A key got stuck and almost resulted in an untimely demise.

That was another installment of Stormrage’s journey. Good progress was made today, with a highly appreciated bow, 1 of 8 huntress ST items, some bee armor and some other items. Hope y’all have a good day!


Your writing has noticeably improved :yum:


Exoskeleton I think?


Words are hard.


Stormrage made yet another venture into the ancient tomb in search of powerful potions which could aid her in her quest to become all-powerful. After stumbling upon and slaying a group of priests surrounding a massive sarcophagus, she found another odd ring:

After killing everything in the ancient tomb and not getting any helpful potions or other valuable items, she decided to join a group of fellow Nexus fighters and take on a cave covered in ice and filled with terrifying monsters. She was successful, but an enemy managed to slay @Jarganti after death.

The following boss fight gave her a blood bow, which she promptly forgot to screenshot (silly Stormrage).

The next adventure found our hero joining a raid on a local criminal den. After slaying the ringleader, she was able to recover his hat and decided to hang onto it:

As stylish as the headgear was, she knew someone who would appreciate it even more

Finished the set! (Finally)

Now, Stormrage’s efforts against the enemies of the Nexus yielded her many chests from the tinkerer. She decided to open them all at once, and got some interesting stuff:

She also got a foul-smelling parasitic concoction from another one, but lost the screenshot.

Tired from her journeys, Stormrage decided to take a brief vacation:

She also joined Rmcgre for another run into stinging insects, which resulted in some truly fantastic loot:

She, being the pathetic swine she is, then decided to assault Oryx’s cube god.

Several life potions were obtained today, and 8/8 is easily within sight. Only one equipment upgrade, but it was quite welcome.