JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


Words are hard.


Stormrage made yet another venture into the ancient tomb in search of powerful potions which could aid her in her quest to become all-powerful. After stumbling upon and slaying a group of priests surrounding a massive sarcophagus, she found another odd ring:

After killing everything in the ancient tomb and not getting any helpful potions or other valuable items, she decided to join a group of fellow Nexus fighters and take on a cave covered in ice and filled with terrifying monsters. She was successful, but an enemy managed to slay @Jarganti after death.

The following boss fight gave her a blood bow, which she promptly forgot to screenshot (silly Stormrage).

The next adventure found our hero joining a raid on a local criminal den. After slaying the ringleader, she was able to recover his hat and decided to hang onto it:

As stylish as the headgear was, she knew someone who would appreciate it even more

Finished the set! (Finally)

Now, Stormrage’s efforts against the enemies of the Nexus yielded her many chests from the tinkerer. She decided to open them all at once, and got some interesting stuff:

She also got a foul-smelling parasitic concoction from another one, but lost the screenshot.

Tired from her journeys, Stormrage decided to take a brief vacation:

She also joined Rmcgre for another run into stinging insects, which resulted in some truly fantastic loot:

She, being the pathetic swine she is, then decided to assault Oryx’s cube god.

Several life potions were obtained today, and 8/8 is easily within sight. Only one equipment upgrade, but it was quite welcome.


After several days off, Stormrage joined her companions once more in their never-ending quest to kill everything. Unfortunately, one fellow player was not so lucky; in a fight with Evil Puppet Clown Man, @Ritzjuice found themselves standing upon the enemy and was quickly cut down:

To help our hero with her grief over Ritz’s death, she turned to psychedelics:


Further ventures into the haunted libraries that for dotted the realm yielded an odd sword-like weapon. Stormrage considered using it, but decided that it would get in the way of her bowwork.

She decided shortly thereafter to devote herself once more to finding the elusive potions which increased her own power and abilities. At last, she was successful in her venture, and reached 8/8, whatever THAT meant…

Following this improvement, she joined an organized group of fellow players in exploring the huge labyrinth of tunnels which ran under the entire realm. After all, this is how you become a Certified RotMG Gamer ©®™. On one raid, Stormrage salvaged an interesting item; a crude, blunt dagger made from the remains of a golem she had fought.

It didn’t look like much after she had fashioned it, but it was surprisingly light and emitted a sensation of hidden potential. And then a cat ate it. :frowning_face:

Stormrage, slightly annoyed at the cat (which had also eaten one of her armors), took a break from fighting the denizens of the labyrinth and instead turned to the dangers of the realm above ground. They were not lacking in variety, and she joined a number of other nexus heroes in fighting a massive dragon carved from rock, created by the great Malphas himself. After the massive, lightning-fast dragon was finally slain, Storm found a blade, hidden within the pile of rock. It glowed with an otherworldly light, channeling the power of the sun itself…

…and then the cat ate that one, too.

Looking for wisdom on proper feline nutrition, our hero once again visited several of the libraries in the area in hopes of preventing her pet from eating all of her hard-won, ungodly-powerful items. She didn’t find this information, but found a curious object as she examined the corpse of the dead librarian. She figured that she would never use the item herself, but decided to keep it anyways.

Growing tired of reading about pet care tips, Stormrage got back to destroying things, which is her real passion in life. After vanquishing the weird fountain spirit in the magical woodlands a total of only 27 times, she found an odd flower which the spirit had used to bolster its attacks.

Figuring that it was probably wise to keep this particular item out of sight of her ravenous cats, Stormrage pocketed the flower and later used it to slay numerous other dark elves who had joined Oryx.


Gratz on the trap!


I was not expecting it that soon; I figured that I would have to farm hundreds of mwoods to get it. Well, that’s 2/8 huntress ST items now!

Edit: it was especially cool to run up to the bag through the hallucinating, which prevented me from seeing the orange bag; it was a great surprise, which further added to the excitement! Like a fake white bag, but in reverse.




I hinted at this earlier, but I started a bard ppe! It is also a trio ppe with my guildies @Pegasusy and @Rmcgre, so that should be interesting. We haven’t been the most consistent about getting screenshots, but here we go:

The story begins where most begin; at level one with a new character (only this time, there are three characters):

The leveling process was a smooth one, without issue. Some good mediocre gear was obtained by all, except for Pegasusy, who got some better stuff. But then Pegasusy died. :frowning:

The other two helped their friend to rebuild, and then the trio of intrepid explorers then began farming the numerous dungeons around the realm, getting some pretty cool items:

However, these items were not particularly useful. Pegasusy meanwhile was again getting better loot faster than the other two, who had terrible luck. This changed, however, when Rmcgre got the first useful UT of the bunch:

This was indeed quite impressive, and the group’s optimism soared. But then Pegasusy died. :frowning:

Shortly thereafter, JimdaFish got another white bag he was unable to use:

But then Rmcgre countered by getting another (somewhat) useful rare item:

Things continued on, with Rmcgre proving to be the only one that could manage to outwit the random DC’s that plagued the group every time they attempted to take on Oryx. But that’s alright, because Pegasusy then got back-to-back dbows, making him the envy of the group.

But then Pegasusy died. :frowning:

I think Jonahbat speaks for all of us regarding Pegasusy’s untimely demise.

As they helped their friend rebuild again, Rmcgre and JimdaFish continued to not get amazing items, though Rmcgre was able salvage an interesting weapon from the really fast sprite goddess Limon:

Our heroes so far are unmaxed, but continue to drink pots and grow in power. Perhaps sometime the mighty dev gods over at DECA will fix the Exalt DC error for the fourth time and Pegasusy and JimdaFish can join their friend in fighting the Mad God himself.


Stormrage continued her quest to murder the large insects of the realm, and was rewarded for her services with another bee exoskeleton:


In her many travels and battles all over the realm, she was granted several magical chests by the weird, shady guy running the shop in the back corner of the nexus. She opened them one by one, starting with one obtained by slaying the mighty void entity. She saw a red bag lying in the ruins of the shattered chest, and got very excited:

Stormrage cursed the game devs, who apparently decided that, even though the unbound rings no longer dropped from the void, they should continue to drop from the chest and give a nasty surprise to anyone hoping for… other items. In the hopes of getting something worthwhile, she destroyed some more chests (figuring out the latch mechanism wasn’t the fun way in):

Interesting orange bag item, but not very practical for her.

Okay, then.

In her quest to find the magical crossbow of literacy, Stormrage had heard that a matching ring was dropped by none other than the dreaded Davy Jones. So she killed him.

Not a ring, but a cool item nonetheless. Having learnt something about proper feline care, Stormrage kept this one away from her cats.

Her following attack on a local pirate den gave her a near-worthless hook, which she pocketed.

Next, our hero journeyed into the forgotten land of an ancient king, and got another weird ring:

She also got another curious item; this time, it was a spell capable of immense destruction:

She wanted to use it, but found herself unable to wield the tremendous amount of magic required.

Here is Stormrage’s progress so far:

Also, the rest of the bard trio ppe might not be posted. Spoiler: JimdaFish gets white star when his computer decides to run out of battery and kills his bard, but then he makes another one and everyone keeps going.


Have you read the stormlight chronicles?


How are you so good at PPEs?


I haven’t. Is it good?

I’m actually not.

Idk; I just don’t do risky stuff and I eventually live long enough to get items. :man_shrugging:


They say that nothing is truly random. “They” have clearly never seen my posting schedule.

Stormrage began her day by blowing up some quest chests, and got some more fabulous stuff:


She then fought a flying saucer which appeared in the realm. Despite only using primitive medieval-era weapons, she and her comrades were able to shoot it down, and she joined her allies in attacking an alien planet. She got a flaming stick.

That was pretty cool, but then the Tinkerer decided that he really wanted Oryx, Davy and the Son of Arachna to have a bad day, so Stormrage became a bounty hunter for a couple days. She got some great armors:

(Forgot to screenshot the drops.) (It’s okay; a cat ate them anyways.)

In her quest to defeat the Mad God himself, Stormrage helped her fellow adventurers to slay an evil Lich which wished to recruit them for his undead army. Prevailing in a struggle against one of the Lich’s henchmen, our hero found herself a magical orb.

Later, after a tussle with the terrifying Hermit God, Stormrage followed her friends into the depths of the ocean, where she helped to slay a mermaid goddess. She was (somewhat) richly rewarded:

That was cool and all, but the Tinkerer was still hiring out bounty hunters, so Stormrage got hunting again, and discovered that the various chests around Davy’s ship held some interesting items:

She also got some more cat food:

However, one particular raid was especially helpful:

Now Stormrage really wants the crossbow of literacy.

But it wasn’t all fun and games; @Paweliniec suffered greatly after trying to use a death morel as a stool.

Deciding that she would really rather be smooshing some bugs, Stormrage journeyed into the webbed catacombs of the spiders, and was given some somewhat useful stuff.

Now, Stormrage had worked for the Tinkerer for some time, and decided to see what she could get from the mysterious shards she was given:

Knowing that there was a trap out there (though she heard it was bad), Stormrage decided to splurge:

Turned out to not be bad.

Also, that ST chest?


Also, more rags (pet food edition):

Hoping for some more awesome gear, our hero ventured once more into Davy’s ship. It was quite perilous, but luckily she had the mighty @NoxNovus to help her (my stalking is not limited to the stalking thread).

One more pet food:

That’s a pretty cool-looking set that she has equipped there. Now Stormrage just needs the reading bow and that set will be perfect (and then she just needs a bunch of other UT and ST sets).


You got your doku, huh?


Only the flaming one. :man_shrugging:

But yes, my dead ninja is happy now.


Oh hey there you are.
I was too busy recording a video at the time to stalk you :frowning:




wot. ded?




Rip thread.


SOMEone gets it!

Stormrage arose from her slumber, the grogginess of the last two months of extended napping hitting her with a vengeance. Upon learning that new foes threatened the Realm (and after downing approximately 15 cups of coffee in one sitting), she set out to kill these, too.

Pretty hat, later eaten by a small cat.

Stormrage did not get much in her two days of monster-slaying, but she did acquire a couple more purple chests from the creepy guy living in the sparkly cave in the nexus. So she opened them, and was greeted with a pretty white bag full of awesome loot:

Cat fud.

Stormrage was forced to stop her quests because (likely due to her long slumber), she kept lagging out and couldn’t play effectively. Luckily, some nice fellow adventurers were able to comfort her with some kind words:

What a wonderful welcome back to adventuring!