JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


He is not frightened by your threat.


I am not frightened by your threat.

But seriously. I make enemies move slowly, sometimes make them stop moving altogether and when warriors aren’t around I make everyone around me shoot really fast. Why do people hate having me around?


Maybe because of the stinky? :nose:

On a more serious / game content note: Because archer can essentially do all the things huntress can do without needing a UT ability.


can archer do bezerk? also part of the fun is getting ut abilities.


Let’s face it; all bow classes suck without UTs.

The tiered bow is designed to fill what is traditionally a niche role; crowd control. If you want decent dps against a single target, that target has to have low def and/or you gotta be at melee range, which you usually don’t have the armor for. My huntress ppe does not carry a tiered bow for that exact reason; they suck.

Tiered traps are pretty good; having a slow AoE means that it can be chained, and few enemies are immune. Too bad there’s a throw time that makes a quick reaction response all but impossible, so you have to plan ahead and place the traps so enemies run into them. This frequently leads to lesser enemies tripping the traps and allowing the big ones to slip by.

Tiered quivers are faster to use, but rely on paralyze in higher tiers (very useful in general, but many late-game enemies are immune) or slow in lower tiers (the nature of the tiered quiver makes chaining slows difficult if the enemy’s movement pattern is at all unpredictable). They also kinda suck at crowd control.

Lutes. Oh boy. Tiered lutes paired with tiered bows is honestly the most boring tiered combo out there; you shoot a little further (at that range you’re realistically hitting one shot out of three), and get more def to help you… do what? You’re a ranged class, and an extra few def isn’t going to give you the ability to go deep enough to land all three shots on any enemy of note. You’re supporting people, yes, but you also have to be wary of screwing up people’s shot patterns at in inopportune moments. I’ve got a group bard ppe that’s been stuck on tiered items for a while, and playing it makes me feel genuine sadness due to the above reasons. Now, bard is the real stinky.


Do you intend to do o3s? With a few of those nice beisa whites huntress becomes the solo dps queen.


So far my huntress has completed one Beisa! (In other words, I have not been running Sanctuaries.)

The armor and banner from Beisa, coupled with the ST trap is definitely a god-tier set for solo play. I’m also quite interested in the armor and ring from Gemsbok, as I think that combo would pair quite well with vbow/garland/predator.

I do have other goals in addition to this set, however: I’d like to get huntress as many exaltations as possible before Stormrage dies, since ppes are my favorite way to play. I don’t see myself playing on non-ppe characters for the foreseeable future, so this is my shot on huntress. I’ve got a long ways to go before I have the non-life stats exalted (as shown by the last update post), and I am not ready for an O3 fight just yet. I might do some Beisas and Gemsboks as the opportunities present themselves in the hopes of getting those particular white bags, but my concentration for now will be on getting non-life exaltations and other white bags from lesser dungeons.

Sanctuary content will still be available for Stormrage after she exalts other stats (provided she lives long enough), so I’m not in a big rush to do the really spoopy stuff just yet.


So I watched a YouTube video on it but it didn’t really explain it, is garland the best bow even with the burst delay? I was lucky enough to get it from a present and was wondering, but it seemed pretty good.


wow… this is quite brilliant. the best base fame i ever got was with a samurai ppe, and it was still only like 10k or so.


Keep in mind the fame change.
But yeah Jimdafish is pro ppe btw :sunglasses:


Assuming www.haizor.net properly calculates burst delay (I know it had some issues with that in the past but I think it’s fixed now), then a garland hitting 3/3 shots outdamages vbow as well as predator when hitting 3/5 shots. Thus, it attains the title of “pretty okey-dokey”.

Now, can I actually hit garland shots consistently? I haven’t used it much, and when I have it’s been a struggle, so I’ll definitely need to put in some experimentation and practice to determine if I can use it effectively.


“Even if you are victorious, that…that THING still crawls in the halls! You make an irredeemable mistake by defeating the only people keeping it suppressed!”

Red robe man fired off a few more blasts of magic, and then fell before the heroes’ onslaught. Stormrage rushed in eagerly to examine her loot, and found a cool walking stick:

“Whoa!” a fellow adventurer exclaimed. “That’s one of the most powerful staves in existence! It can kill just about anything!”

“So you’re telling me” Stormrage said, pointing the staff at an approaching minion, “that all I gotta do is…”


The magical blast backfired and Stormrage flew across the room, impacting the wall and slumping on the floor, smoke curling off of her alien armor. As her companion raced to her side, our hero opened her eyes wearily. “I’ll stick to archery…”

So maybe oversized subterranean worms are a little more her speed. Luckily, fungi don’t fight back very hard, so clearing the way through the mushrooms guarding the Crystal Worm Mother wasn’t so hard. After defeating all three worms that showed up in the fight, Stormrage saw a beautiful white bag laying on the floor. “Could it be?”

Nope. “This is my third stinkin’ shield!” Stormrage exclaimed. “And not a single other white bag from this darn worm. Where’s my trap?!?”

And so continues… The Hunt for the Cavedweller

This could take a while

Not much has happened of note in the last week. I want to do more void runs to get all the cool stuff that drops, but those can only realistically be done via discord. SBC doesn’t often have consistent LH runs while I’m playing and the pub halls vc connect system is a flaming dumpster fire. So I’m kinda stuck farming fungals to get the trap and the occasional realm-dropped cult for the time being. What a game this is. (I can tell I’m just oozing positivity here.)


I love your narration style! Could I borrow it for my thread possibly?


Go for it!


And funny story, your ppe thread was what got me into the forums. It was the first thread I ever read, and whenever I looked at it I would always think, “wow, i wanna be like this and do this type of thing sometime.”


do null runs


Null is kinda a nice discord ngl. Verrrry efficient


Really? Wow! I’m glad you like it so much! It really means a lot to me. And I’m impressed that my thread was actually that memorable.

Just joined it a couple minutes ago. I can just barely make the gear reqs atm, so I might try a little harder to get the fungal trap so I have more wiggle room with my armor ('cause I suck at MBC dodging).


If memory serves me right, it’s something like vbow equivalent (lbow) plus either tenne equivalent (aoo armour) or crown right? Are those really that much worse for dodging?


image image
These are a few of their reqs