JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


I don’t the forge


You don’t use Forge??? Ya pretend it’s not there?


Pretty much; I’m definitely not using it for my ppe because that trivializes the loot acquisition process, which is one of my favorite parts as a ppe-ist. It’s trading, with fewer steps.

And in general, I’m not a fan of UT exchange of any sort, really. Tinkerer quests for limited edition items is one thing, but having full access to all UTs, all the time takes a lot of the fun out of getting a rare item for me. I’m happy that other people use it and enjoy it, but it’s not for me.

The only thing I actually use the forge for is occasionally combining a few low-fp items into one slightly higher fp item to save fame.


For me regardless of me obtaining DBow BP, it does not mean I rely on forging the respective white. Meanwhile I get the material for forging it, I would still have to spam UDL at the same time.


A full Valentine’s Day update will come later (after the event is over) but in the meantime, let’s take a moment to appreciate an even cooler huntress ppe.

Everybody meet @vast; presently the #2 huntress by base fame (~139k). I ran into them recently in some Null runs, and we chatted briefly. It turns out that this huntress ppe has been alive since 2018 and is still going strong; needless to say, Stormrage hopes to get there someday (and get that trap, dammit) (and maybe an omni) (nil would be cool, too).

Stormrage is making steady progress nonetheless, though:


I’m super freaking impressed dude. 10/10 PPE.


How much active time do you have on that char?


As of the time of writing this, 22294 minutes.


That’s equivalent to 15.5 days playing on that character WTH?


I want a ppe like that… this is soooo good man. Like this is one of the ppes that would get loads of views on youtube


Love was in the air. As were arrows. Lots and lots of arrows.

Oryx’s minions were expressing their love in the only way they knew how; by trying to dismember our hero and her friends. And in return, the Nexus crew was more than happy to beat them up in the hopes of getting their hands on some romantic items of destruction. But first, Stormrage made a new friend:

“I could put this on you!” Stormrage exclaimed to Shuriken. “You’d look cute!”

Shuriken gazed back calmly at this night elf he had sworn to protect from all of the evils of the realm with a gaze that simply said “I know where you sleep at night.”

Saddened that her cat did not want to play dress-up, our hero instead went with some other adventurers to mow the lawn. Unfortunately, the lawn attempted to mow them in return, and a fight broke out. The adventurers were victorious, and Stormrage got a new frisbee so she could play catch with Shuriken:

Unfortunately, the frisbee landed in the lake on the first throw. Going down to retrieve it, Shuriken was attacked by a bunch of undersea beasts, so Stormrage killed everything like usual. She also got half a heart:

She never got the other half, though.

And then she found the gruesome remains of a fellow adventurer who had been kidnapped by Thessal’s goons, and admitted to murdering King Alexander in an elaborate insurance fraud scheme. The goddess had not been amused.

Back to the garden to collect some flowers for Shuriken to eat (he’s vegan btw), Stormrage found a small critter in dire need of adopting…

…as well as all that was left of a hapless adventurer who had succumbed to the thorns of the angry plants:

In recognition of her outstanding dedication towards weed management, the Nexus gave her some handy items:

Stormrage opted to stop there, since she couldn’t use a quiver anyways.

Then a door to the secretive underground maze opened up, so she hopped in and killed everything like usual. One of the weird sorcerer dudes gave her a bathrobe:

“So… it doesn’t close in the front? At all?” she asked.


“Alrighty then. Maybe not.”

And then she got a sheep:

So now that I was able to run a Bella’s as well as a Mayhem someone randomly popped, all Stormrage needs to get the Season’s Beatin’s bonus is Rainbow Road, Heroic UDL and Heroic Abyss (I really hope those come back soon). Then the only standard dungeon she needs is Oryx’s Sanctuary and then she completes everything.


I’m trying. I really am.

Stormrage found herself quite enjoying spelunking with her fellow adventurers. The radiant glow of the crystals anchored in crevasses all around her and the steady drip, drip of the cavern’s green liquid melded nicely with the screams of her dying comrades and war cries of the armed, sentient fungi. That being said, she hoped this would stop soon.

The enemies had different ideas, though. Unwilling to give her what she longed for, they opted instead to provide her with just about everything else. Already with a few shields, fungus books, crystal prisms and other such items in her possession, Stormrage kept getting more:

“I have four of these. Give me something else.”


“I mean, that’ll work, but it’s not what I had in mind.”

“You want some swords?”

“No, but Shuriken can eat them. Listen: I really need this trap. Once I have this trap, I can go do something else and my readers don’t have to listen as I talk to them about mushrooms for the fiftieth time. My PPE thread is stagnating without any real progress, and I want to move on. Can I please just have the trap?”

“Best we can do is make you invisible.”

“I mean, at least it’s my first one…”

The search for actual PPE content continues!


wait… i was wrong? how can this be…


You tried your best. I tried my best. This could be a while.