JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


No fucking way man, no fucking way. And you died to A TREE. A FUCKING TREE


98 on the dead character base fame leaderboards. I loved this thread so much, I know its stupid but it honestly makes me cry a little over stormrage’s death


That’s how I felt about her. Never thought this thread would end.


Born on May 2nd, 2020. Died on March 13th, 2021. 115137 base fame, 325403 death fame. An uncountable number of white bags. Final words, “Where the hell is my Cave Dweller?”


Stormrage, EASILY the greatest PPE thread ever on the realmeye forums, and inspired me and probably many other people to create their own in this style. God damn it JimdaFish.

A toast, to the best there ever was. Stormrage.


@RopeCope, please try to limit your posts to only one or two replies, in order to avoid clogging up the thread. thanks


I had nine free hours yesterday, and decided to put them to use.

Upon hearing that there was indeed a new class, and furthermore, a campaign to get stuff for said new class, I obtained a bouncing baby summoner and immediately set out on a quest to kill every tree I saw. But before that happened, I had some leveling to do:

I won’t bore you guys with the small, tiered, low-level equipment increases I get because they are small, tiered and low-level, but you’ll see them from time to time. Despite my own lack of competency after not playing for a full month, our summoner friend successfully lived to reach level 20.

RIP MrEyeball; you will be missed.

Now, as the responsible parent of a bouncing baby summoner, it is of course my duty to ensure a certain degree of education for my child. I signed her up for some schooling in the Sprite World, with mediocre success:

After some difficult number crunching, our summoner (guys, I need a name) was rewarded with a nice sweet treat!

Then she fought a big snake lady and got a weird stick that can’t aim:

Well, that was fast.

A short while later, she got the zoom zoom ring:

But then she squeezed a weird sand genie thing really hard and it gave her a different ring. Now that I’ve typed that out, it sounds really weird:

That’s the first half of stuff that happened yesterday. Since I’m not going to be playing as much as I was with Stormrage, I’ll break it up a bit more so I can post somewhat regularly-ish. Also, if anyone has name suggestions for her, let me know.


i like kanye euwest


Im feeling Jhin Carry


sexy mcswag


Athena Eleanor Kanye EUWest VII was just beginning to find her own power, and was guzzling pots left and right to do so. She was on an excursion to get yet more tasty potions when Limon the Sprite Goddess handed her a quite fantastical enemy bonker:

Well, that was way faster than expected.

Unfortunately, reality itself was collapsing all around her (as it does at times), and Athena found herself in battle against the very servers that kept the Realm functioning. She gave them a stern bonking with her new bonking stick, and was rewarded with a potato:

And a wand.

In the midlands, there was a castle. And in that castle was a Lich. His name was Kevin. Kevin wanted to bring back armies of the undead to cause untold destruction to the Realm, and Athena wanted to take his stuff. So she did:

Later that same Realm, she threw a sprite tree in the face of one of Oryx’s commanders, and he gave her a ring:

She also got another mace, a backpack and a cool belt for collecting lettuce:

To top it all off, she’s 3/8 now:


i approve of the name


I think you should name your Summoner just “Athena”, not with long name.


That would be too boring


I will have you know that “Athena Eleanor Kanye EUWest VII” is her abbreviated name.


you didn’t include sexy mcswag?!! i’m offended.

also aren’t you gonna make some throwaways to get the hang of o3? those items are pretty juicy :eyes:


Athena Eleanor Kanye EUWest VII of the Western Midlands was enjoying her private bear army, though she found her ring to be rather lackluster. Fortunately, Oryx thought the same, and was kind enough to grant her with an upgrade:

Still not satisfied with four ST rings, she got another by beating up an angry purple dude in her science class:

Shortly after this, JimdaFish got white star for the third time and once again became cool.

Now, bears are nice. They really are. But Athena wanted to summon ponies. Unfortunately, the Crystal Prisoner didn’t share such aspirations for her, and only gave her a wand:

Still pretty cool, though.

Lacking her pony-maker, Athena went kingdom-bashing with some friends and got the best ring that the Twilight Archmage had to offer:

She knew that despite such an upgrade, she would never be satisfied and would instead continue to search for better and better rings. But she found she could only do so half-heartedly:

Ba-dum tiss.


Athena Eleanor Kanye EUWest VII of the Western Midlands and Just a Wee Bit of the Highlands Too needed a new robe; her current robe was a little lackluster, and so she went to the Lich to see if he’d give her a new one after some solid thrashing careful persuasion. Sadly, she was bound for disappointment, just like the last four times she tried:

But then Oryx’s weird, two-faced henchman gave her a robe, and she was slightly happier:

Then the bug army showed up and tried to kill everyone again. Athena had some close calls with some jumping bees, but in the end she was rewarded with some handy clothes for a friend of hers:

(It was the Cleopatra skin.)

She also maxed life in the process, but failed to get the honey death stick.

The Nexus’ cabbage collection contest was still going on (our narrator is a little behind in posting), so Athena kept trashing every dungeon she saw. She also went after the big scary bosses in the realm, and altogether she was making decent progress. And then it happened. She fought the big angry hermit crab in his pool of water with her friends, and when he died, she saw something in one of the blue bags it dropped; something powerful, with the ability to infinitely produce items of extreme power.

That's right

[Cue DECA employee laughter]

After that amazing development, Athena got as far in the campaign as she knew she would ever get, and picked up her prize:

Maybe she’ll max mana soon. But that would require free time, which Athena does not have.

So, I’m not a big user of the forge, especially on PPEs. But since the Incubation Mace is only obtainable via the now-done campaigns, I think I’ll allow Athena to get the Mace using materials she finds, since otherwise she can’t get one. Now I just have to play, but that might be a little while since I’m pretty busy irl.


I’m sorry that I hadn’t gone though your thread until now! ;c

I remember seeing that huntress twice specifically, because your name had stuck out to me for whatever reason, even back then. I hadn’t realized you were so successful! Not to jump on your bandwagon, but I do love the personality you offered your character(s) in this thread, success aside. I’m very bland, myself, so kudos to the flair! Also, I now have less regrets for posting as infrequently as I do after seeing the time stamps on this thread. x)

(Also, man, how did you find all that time to grind the events? I wonder how everyone manages it, actually, especially the token luck oriented sessions.)


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