JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread



T4 seal. A nice upgrade.

Defense is maxed!

And so is vitality. Next up is wisdom.


but did you drop that wyvern skin for the new fellow in your guild?


I did not.

Also, here is today’s fun:

T5 seal, nice

Random 4/8 guy who ran over a djinn

And a random 8/8 who bit the dust at Oryx.


I got a froggy boi!

Made 6/8 today thanks to a ton of udl farming.

Cutlass, nice. Though my playstyle tends to value range over dps in most cases, so this guy might not get much use tbh.

Cries in pally ppe

It COULD have been a pixie reskin. Or a fplate reskin. Or literally any part of the pally set. But no, it had to be…


Gcookie at last!

…and another Trickster ST. Dangit.

Couldn’t take a screenshot when I got it, but here is an acrop I found during a shatts chain.

Once again, I was unable to screenshot when I got it, but I got an acclaim, also from a shatters (I ran a few today).

Pally ppe gets gemstone from shatters event chest! @Ecookied


Hmm seems familiar.


So far my PPE has brought me a shatters white and an event white. I’m pretty happy with it!

Especially now that it’s 7/8.

A premonition of my future, perhaps?


I just want a reskin pixie. Or at least SOMETHING my ppe can actually use.

Also, I got enough bone sigils to turn in for a UT. I’m thinking either trap or orb (I have no need for a reskin cdirk, and I already have pumpkin jugg). Any recommendations?


vile was awesome when i had it
i would personally take vile but conflict may be better



Deaths happen, especially when you’re afk in a tomb. @LostNoodle

It’s not a white, but it’s still pretty rare.

Okay, 4 tries resulted in 2 daggers and 2 garments. Not a single pally ST reskin in sight. I think giving up is a good idea at this point.


havent even gotten my first demon pumpkin or witch skull lmao


lol and I thougt I was not playing enough when I didn’t get one every day


Got an amulet in a cem. I guess that’s kind of cool.

Oh, look! A spectral!

Oh, look! A… dammit. Third leather armor, fifth trickster ST item. Sad paladin noises




Don’t worry about it.


Saw some deaths in MBC. Rest in pieces.

Nice! A dagger! That makes 5 that I currently own, including reskins.


Finished farming for those Janus marks, let’s see what I get…

…and DECA has another satisfied customer!


not sarcasm right?


I am very happy with this item! It is a fine addition to my Speedy Boi set: