JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


I need it so hard…


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Paladins are known for being speed demons, after all.


Fullskip run, never even saw the angry boi in the crowd. Instakilled. At least I got some fame out of it!


aw rip, make more pls! :heart:


I will in the future, but I’m kinda busy over the next week or so. The death was actually perfectly timed; now I can be productive IRL without being drawn to a ppe!

Or I’ll just relapse into Realm and screw myself over. Either way.


Alright, I am still in the middle of things irl, but I am planning to come back soon. In the meantime, what class do you think I should try next? I currently do not have a mystic, paladin, necromancer, assassin, trickster or ninja, so I’d like to do one of those (probably not paladin or mystic since I have already ran ppes on them). Any thoughts?




I was definitely considering that one; it does happen to be one of my favorites!


A new champion has appeared!

Level 20 set and beginning stats (I don’t think MrEyeball has been informed of the recent ninja vit buff)


Ran a surprisingly bountiful tcave today; it gave my 3-4 speed pots.

Also, I’ve forgotten how hard it is to use an unmaxed ninja in literally any way.


How dare u give me ur curse.


A hippo from a ddocks, nice.

And a T4 def ring from a tcave. Also, my spd stat is almost maxed!


Noice! Pet food!

Life pot, and some other stuff I have gotten over a few tombs…

Me completing the quest (got a few pots from each of the chests, backpack is awesome)

Got a prot (dangit, was hoping for pyra)…

…and a sphinx ring in the same tomb. Cool to get a double white, but it got my hopes up twice.


seeing that makes my heart ache as I remember my highly successful but short-lived priest


Rest in pepperonis


wish i had as much ppe luck as you. Imma casually steal some of that ppe luck for my new hunt ppe. Hopefully I get the trix st curse and get garms


1/8 spd!

Wind circle? Don’t mind if I do!



But first let’s grab this T9 katana

And maybe a money staff

Also, sprite world map generation is a beautiful thing.


I braved the lag to complete my first nest on this character. Got an armor upgrade and maxed my dex stat!

I’ll continue to run these in hopes of completing the quest and getting those juicy nest chests.