JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


Ran some more nests, got a dominion out of one of them!

Despite the best efforts of other players (who apparently see no reason to kill all of the enemies before running past them) and the lag (yuck), I was able to complete the quest! The rewards will wait for me in my vault chests until I complete the LoD one, at which point I will open them all together.


Def is maxed! My ninja is now out of that awkward stage where he can’t really do much, thanks to survivability issues.

Duoed a hermit with a (usually unleveled) light blue star who died twice during the fight. I then proceeded to solo the resulting OT and earned Tunnel Rat as a result.


Not much happened today, so it’s storytime!

Once upon a time (earlier today), a little ninja by the name of JimdaFish was hacking his way through the Abyss of Demons when he heard that the realm had closed. So, he beheaded the boss of the dungeon as quickly as he could and hustled on out to join his compatriots in their battle against Oryx. Alas, only three others joined him: one priest and two warriors, one of whom was apparently asleep. JimdaFish, the priest and the warrior (the latter two were both light blue stars) ventured out into the castle, braving the many dangers before them while the other random warrior guy kept sleeping and contributed to hp scaling. The small party was able to kill many enemies in this castle, but alas, the warrior @Joshuato was slain just before reaching the bridge.

The two others were not to be deterred, however! They bravely ventured forth to avenge their fallen comrade, smashing both of the stone guardians (a lengthy process when one’s only companion is a fresh level 20 priest) before deciding to challenge Janus, Doorwarden of Oryx. But first they had to kill the entire dungeon. So they did.

The two were then able to pit themselves against the mighty Janus, and though he seemed at first to be an impenetrable dps wall, JimdaFish remembered his attack ring and the fact that he could just spam shurikens everywhere. So he did that. The two, after a long fight, finally vanquished their foe and got their well-deserved loot. It was at that point that @CammyMJ had to go, and JimdaFish was left alone to face the Mad God.

After a whole bunch of katana swinging and running away from slowing shots, the ninja threw a final, well-aimed shuriken into Oryx’s face, ending his rein forever. He was rewarded for his time with a bunch of pots and a T5 star, which he pocketed because upgrades.

Lacking both the balls and the inc required to continue, JimdaFish decided to end his journey there, satisfied with getting some attack pots and a star upgrade, as well as the Slayer of Oryx fame bonus. At least there were no bees today (those are quite spooky).



More suspicious activity by the Jimster:


Not the T5 ring I was looking for, but it’s a nice swapout for when I need the dps.

Oh. Okay. Yeah, that’s a thing.

I’m just getting a lot of rings today, I guess.

Turned in some marks, I will save this chest for when I open the others (after I get the LoD ones).


Got a katana upgrade!

Yeah, I am getting a lot of rings today. Also maxed atk here, btw (4/8).


Okay. Wow. Today was… something. Roll the tape!

Maxed wis! 5/8 and going up!

Got this from the LoD chest. Shot pattern is a little weird, but I like it.

I also finished the LoD quest, meaning that I could now open the reward chests I have been saving up from the bee quest and some other random epic chests I had gotten from this ppe. But I think the results deserve their own post.


Opening epic chests from LoD quest and a couple random other epic quests I ran:

Feed power, let’s go!

Spectral + T12 katana

Yes, JimdaFish. Greater life pots DO exist.

Next up, some nest chests:

Beehemoth, good…

Meh. Also maxed life in this one.

And let’s just open this ST chest from the LoD event and get our underpowered ST ring…

Not bad. Not bad at all. 4 epic chests, 2 nest chests and an ST chest.


Final update for this eventful day:

Ninja ppe is now 8/8.


Looking hawt :smiley:


Yep! Yesterday was very, VERY productive (ppe-wise). Now I’m going to try to get my hands on a doku, a void blade and maybe a midnight star if I can run enough LoDs. I’m hesitant to run LHs on this guy anytime soon (based on how my last two ppes were ended), but there’s other stuff in the game I can do. Might do some shatts runs as well.


I’ve been farming for a mstar, but in the meantime, here’s another cool drop:

The (somewhat) recent buff definitely improved this helm; I have another one on my warrior, and it is far superior to what it once was.


Why don’t you try for a bracer or pyra??


I am planning some shatters runs after the LoD event is done (I’ve had mstar before and really liked it). A bracer or crown would be amazing.




Ran some LoDs to try to get Midnight Star today, but I was unsuccessful. So I noticed that I had a shatters quest and ran that instead.

Not bad (key turned out to be a fungal). I also got a ub wis in one of the runs I did, which is… cool?


Alas, the ninja did not get a midnight star from the event, and thus devoted his life to getting other items, which he also has yet to get. But for now, here are some highlights:

The priest rushing Toxic Sewer #26 was killed just before reaching the boss room. Rest in pieces @Triggeer.

The heroic ninja also completed a couple of quests. Here’s the haul:

Yeah, it’s been a slow day; I’ll try to be more lucky in the future.


How do you try to be more lucky?


Be me, i guess