JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


or me


Just, like, get more loot.


Got a couple of cbows from participating in the cancer event! Might just turn them into fp.


ikr tshot is literally a direct upgrade


I do find myself using tshot more (though I have fewer tshots that I would like). Coral bow is good at crowd control, but the sheer amount of fp is too tempting.


yeah just used tiered for ccontrol xd


I ended up in a cdepths chain in the realm, and our group was pretty solid, completing several despite the dungeon repeatedly being dirty and with no chain stuns/paralyzes. However, there was the occasional mishap, and @SirocoMule was unfortunate enough to be one during the run-around-like-crazy portion of the fight.

Meaning while in a Wine Cellar, @Chlbo learned of the fate of those who are the subject of Oryx’s ire during the chase phase. @SuckmyPAN kinda just… died at some point.

I also surpassed 2k base fame, which is decent I suppose.


Sorry, life has been weird the last few days and I haven’t been able to play much. Here are the updates, though there’s nothing too interesting.

@AxelXIII got sat on by a leviathan. That’s about it.

@Darealvip proved their VIP-hood by counting too much on priest heals.

This one was kind of sad. It was @MadGriffin’s first OT, and everyone was trying to coach them through how to survive the fight. They made it, but then died to a coral bomb after Thessal bit the dust.

Here are some quests I completed, and the resulting mediocre rewards

I’m hoping to be able to play more in the near future, but life right now is kind of taking priority over Realm goals. I will give updates when I can.


Another cancer event! I’ve farmed a few of these, and these are the highlights so far:

The Prismimic enemies became the Permafrost Lord and Biff, which began to tear the group apart. In an attempt to counter the assault, @PlatCrwn and @TwinMelon transformed into gravestones, but this proved ineffective.

Another fatality, @Urakecooll was slain by the mighty Skuld.

I saw the white bag and got excited. Not bad, I suppose; now I have one for each of my wand classes.

Here’s an ammy I got, along with a cameo appearance by @Wilhuff.


Well, it’s gonna be a while before I can stand to set foot in a cem again. Here is the rest of my loot:

I’m excited to see how this thing works! It should be fun to play with.

Well, I know how this thing works already. It’s cool to have, though.

Very good… My second pet has been getting hungry lately.

And another prism! Backups are cool. (Looks at overflowing vault and winces.)

Now this was pretty cool. I got my favorite staff in the game, and up and to the left of the screen you can see the white bag that gave me the resu sitting in slot 2.

Didn’t get the star, but that’s alright; I’ll just have to learn to solo Crystal Caverns. Looking forward to the winter events so I can get a bunch of other cool stuff. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to sleep.


Give me that etherite and CC.

I’ll give you the Star of Enlightenment.


Also, the cems gave me enough shards to make a weapon.

And it became…

Not a katana, but still pretty darn cool.


Just some leftover screenshots from the Cemetery event that I didn’t post yet.

Also, I have started the campaign and will be giving rewards from that to my ninja ppe (since the campaign will only be run with said ppe).


Got a salju and iceblast staff. Cool.

T12 dagger reskin; my rogue will like that one!

And an actual EP (same day as the iceblast)…

…and the T5 hp ring which has eluded me for some time now.

I’m also making steady (if slow) progress on the campaign. Looking forward to getting a full winter set and using the buffed omni ring!


looks like we got an angry gamer

redstars amirite


A nice little surprise in a Davy today. Not sure if the dagger will be used or fed, but either way it’s pretty cool.

Also got another Staff of Extreme Prejudice. As you can imagine, this event has me running a lot of sprites.

I also run a lot of snake pits, so I got a Bulwark! That makes the second Bulwark on this ninja ppe alone.

The Oryxmas event has to be my favorite event of the year; it actually gets players in the realms, hunting for loot, and in this case, gets them running dungeons that are otherwise rarely done in large numbers. This event is really fun so far (I’m only at ~30k points atm, though), and I’m glad DECA took the time to come up with and implement this idea.


Wasn’t there to see it, but that happened.

Oh, yay! My second winter T12 reskin is a second dagger!

Oh, yay! My third winter T12 reskin is a third dagger!

Finally got to 43k points. Now I just need to farm the other three items of the set…

I wanted to get a csilk at some point because it’s a decent item and is compatible with ninja. I promptly fed this one, but just getting it on the ppe was nice.


save your fame I’m anticipating a shiet ton of fame boxes soon


It will depend on how good they are, but I usually don’t spend fame on fame boxes; I die very infrequently, so I usually divert all of my fame towards my pets.


But I got my only char slot from a mystery box xd